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13 Years Down The Lane

Believing in yourself is the first step to success. We did.

    Chocogrid 2017

    Maximize your business potential!
    Chocogrid is an awesome platform that would let you create cutting edge apps for businesses in a modular structure using sophisticated architecture and tools and thus delivering un-matched services that sky rockets your app requirements and your business. Read More..


    The Fitness Absolute

    Mevo is a wholesome and integrated approach to living fit in every possibility. It's app will surely change the way to look at fitness as it's a one stop solution that provides every possible thing you can think around Fitness. Read More..

    Consumer Apps2011

    Creating Consumer Apps

    We created various consumer Apps and cater to our valuable international clients and help them get their own mobile application. Migital is the most preferred solution provider for major mobile manufacturers.

    Telecom Companies2007

    Working with Telecom Companies

    We started making apps for various telecom sector such as Airtel, Telenor, etc. With a number of Webs, WAP and SMS Push based catalogs, we have harbored strong tie-ups with major telecom carriers to serve a global customer base.


    When we started!

    Started off with creating apps for Fortune 500 and Tier A Telecom companies like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Zomato, eBay & more, Migital is one of the largest developers of mobile applications & games across the globe.

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 Our Strengths 

Creative Design

Choose from a wide range of templates and beautiful designs to give your web/app an international look and feel.

Responsive Layout

Layout that fits on any screens' device. Give your users the freedom to view your website on mobile or tablets.

Unparalleled Concept

Get the best-in-class concept on your website/app. Your website is the face of your business. Let it be the best.

Easy Customization

Various options and short codes for your custom requirements for special ideas to implement.

Skilled Team

Highly experienced and skilled team that is well versed with industry best practices.

Mobile Applications

We develop high end applications. Explore the possibilities to market your brand in a better way.


We Create Awesome Website

Want a static or dynamic, flash or e-commerce based web design or you are thinking to revamp your existing website? We do it all! Choose from hundreds of theme options and layouts which help you create your own website in various ways for any type of business, portfolio, or blog.


Mobile Apps Development

Are you planning to go Mobile or thinking to gift your Business an App? We got it all! We design advanced mobile application and help enterprises or companies to transform their way of doing business using mobile technology. We deliver business solutions, creating high performance and powerful mobile apps.

Our Applications

We present the demo version of our application which will give you a sneak peak into the new revolution of App Maker for Youtube Channels.
App Maker for Youtube Channels is a platform for creating your own video app. It has been exclusively developed to offer best-in-class solutions so that you get to achieve maximum visibility and let your youtube channel make money more.

If you want to lose weight, get fit, get in shape, change your lifestyle or start on a low-calorie diet plan to lose weight, you'll love MevoFit.

Want healthy? Recipes? Mexican Recipes? Indian Recipes? Chinese Recipes?Southern Recipes? Asian Recipes? with Healthy Food Recipes For Weight Loss Free Download the Free Healthy Food Recipes For Weight loss.
Let's Start Cooking with -
• The Large Database of  1000+ Healthy Food Recipes.
• Unlimited offline access to all Healthy Recipes.
• Share all Healthy recipes with your friends & family.
• Detailed nutritional information of all Recipes.

Your Ultimate source of all Workout plans includes body weight workouts, machine workouts & mixed workouts. Set your Workout plan by days, Fitness & Bodybuilding Video App is your personal instructor for Training your muscle groups as Chest, Shoulders, Back, Biceps, Forearms, Triceps, Legs, Abdominal, Calf Muscles, and much more. Download this App from Google Play Store.

Drinking right amount of water is very important to keep your skin healthy and boost the weight loss process. But do you actually drink enough water everyday? Drink Water Reminder: Water Tracker to Lose Weight will help you in tracking your daily water intake and will gently remind you when to drink it. It’s time you create the right water drinking habits to improve your health.

Whether it is your first run or you are a pro at running, Run for Weight Loss by Mevo provides you with anything and everything you need for a good run. Run for Weight Loss by Mevo helps you in reaching your fitness goals by boosting your running training. There is no better app to track your walks, jogs and runs.

Tracking calories plays a crucial role in a successful weight loss program! Download the most user-friendly app to track your calories, exercise, and weight to stay fit. It is the most fun and effective weight loss program - simply download the app, setup your profile/goals and track your foods and exercise easily.

Get rid of pen and pencil to write down your blood sugar test results! It is now much easier to calculate & track your blood sugar level, insulin intake & do so much more!Diabetes can and must be kept in check not just by having the right sugar levels in the body but also by the intake of proper diet and exercise regimes.

You don't have to worry about any friend or family member breaking into your phone and find your all secret chats, apps, and gallery stuff. Apps Lock and Gallery Hider is an all in one security app for your phone. Protect all your personal and private chats with a dual pin and password lock system with intruder attack alarm and encrypt all your images and video which can't be accessed by anyone except you.

Super WiFi Manager is the best Wi-Fi scanner, manager and connector available on android. A One Stop Shop, which brings together multiple features for easy use. The perfect WiFi Manager for your phone. Super WiFi Manager is a professional WiFi tool for you to analyze your networks and help you to connect to the best available signals.

Boost up the battery life of your phone with Battery Saver and Phone Cleaner App. Save money on data costs by restricting data and wifi usage on your phone by customizing apps. Optimize your phone's RAM to achieve maximum performance and battery life from your phone. Enjoy various benefits like auto configuration, personalization, battery meter and bright torch in the app.

Love Challenges? In One Touch, we challenge you to play this tricky, challenging game and draw the given images and patterns in one touch, the moment you lift your finger, GAME OVER. Enjoy 600 unique and addictive levels with mind baffling tasks in 6 different modes. It will prickle your mind, drive you crazy with addictive difficult levels with timer and amazing graphics.

Photo Magix is a great photo editing and camera app. Add beautiful effects with amazing clip arts, filters, and themes like a pro with more than 50 layouts. Dazzle everyone with amazing profile pictures and beautified selfies with magix cam. Create a collage, add borders & frames, create greetings easily by directly accessing pictures from FB, Picassa or Flickr.

Brace yourself for a crouching start in this Action-packed Fast Paced Running Game set in the New York City. FREE RUN is a FREE game with eye pleasing 3D graphics and exhilarating arcade gameplay. Are you ready to test your speed, reflexes, and endurance. Free Run, based on a type of athletic training called 'Parkour' is a skill based action running game.

Grazing Sheeps, wandering Polar Bears, and badass Bandits. What the heck are we talking about. These are some of many things you are going to face in this game of ultimate adventure and nostalgia.Travel back in time and lay down your train set to embark on a new journey filled with extreme obstacles, moments of decision, and an everlasting impression of adventure.

Lucky you, you’ve stumbled upon the Best Hidden Object Game ever! No sarcasm here we promise. You are in for a real TREAT. Unfold a new hidden object adventure with this Amazingly interesting game designed especially for your Android Smartphone. Hide & Seek is a free game in which, you will dip into the fascinating journey where you have to find all the hidden objects in the given time.

Creating a mesmerizing collage is always a tough task to perform but don’t worry we have a perfect solution of this problem. Create the most sensational photo collage with our magnificently crafted Collage Magix app.Collage Magix has a simple design with powerful editing features, which gives you everything you need to create an amazing collage of your photos. It is the simplest way to join your photos and add a new refreshing life to them. 

Your body is a pure reflection of what you eat. If you want to look fit and stay healthy the key is to eat healthy! Looking for some healthy food options? Need a low fat rice dish? Confused because you don't want to ditch your diet. It is known to everyone that to lose weight - 30% contribution comes from exercise and 70% role is played by your food choices. Does it mean that you would be eating tasteless food for whole your life?


Mevolife is a great platform for best workout routine, fitness, exercise and weight loss. Start your weight loss journey with our various nutritious and healthy diet recipes, calorie trackers and step by step exercise plans. Stand a chance to win exciting merchandise by following every exercise plan on time on our app. Find discussions on latest fitness and health trends.

Looking for healthy Recipes? Find Healthy Recipes including easy Healthy Recipes , Healthy Chicken Recipes, And more Healthy meals, Snacks, and Healthy Dinners Ideas with
Over Healthy Recipes Database Covers everything from diabetic Meals, to vegan, to low carb, to low fat & more!
Visit our Website for a Healthy Information.

The Great collection of Fitness Articles, Exercises, Workouts, supplements information, & Videos from the industry's best experts to help in achieving Weight loss & Fitness Goals within your time limit. The Content on our Website is for an informational and educational purpose only. Visit our Website! to look great & feel great.

Explore the world of fitness starting from physical health and fitness, gym workout, cardio exercises, diet plans to lose or gain weight, exercise routine etc in fitness authority. The one-stop place for all the fitness related advice and workout plans ranging from easy to difficult. Find the latest health, fitness trends, tips on men's and women's fitness routines.

Body Building Workout dominates the world of bodybuilding workouts with the exercise plans for full body, chest, abs, legs, chest, weight lifting, weight training, muscle gaining etc. You can also build your dream body easily and quickly with our body transformation workouts plans for all kinds of body types. Explore the world of bodybuilding with us.

In this busy and hectic life, no one has enough time for fitness. With quick workout plans for a busy life, discover best exercise plans and free workout plans for bodybuilding and general fitness. Quick workout has a detailed collection of exercise plans, gym workouts and much more. Browse through various customized diet plans according to your need.

Easy workout is the site for the best and easy workout plans which will help you in your endeavor of a fit and healthy lifestyle. With exclusive gym workout, cardio exercises, bodybuilding plans, exercise routine, workout plans anyone can easily step into the world of fitness. Browse through various easy workout plans according to your comfort level.

As the name suggests, Absolute fitness is the ultimate destination for fitness freaks. Find best physical fitness plan, gym workout plans, fitness benefits, importance, exercise plans, cardio exercise plans, diet plans and bodybuilding tips and tricks. Discover the best exercises and fitness routines by fitness experts. Achieve your dream of healthy, fit life and perfect built body.

If you want to lose weight, get fit, get in shape, change your lifestyle or start on a low-calorie diet plan to lose weight, you'll love MevoFit.

We present the demo version of our application which will give you a sneak peak into the new revolution of App Maker for Youtube Channels.App Maker for Youtube Channels is a platform for creating your own video app. It has been exclusively developed to offer best-in-class solutions so that you get to achieve maximum visibility and let your youtube channel make money more.

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