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It's raining fireworks and light here in your virtual lighter and in your own mobile phone. Get blown by this fun Mobile Lighter which will turn your phone into an exciting lighter which comes with so many customizations and fun lighters to play with which follows a twitch of your hand. It is not an ordinary lighter that you can find everywhere. You can modify the body, texture, look, design and so many other things with a touch in your lighter, and what's the thing that's making us fall in love with this amazing lighter app? The glowing realistic flame that captures all your attention and can do many things which it upper hand over the beauty of a real lighter. We can bet you will end up gazing all day long this mobile lighter and your hands will twitch to toggle it on and off and look into its surreal flame. We all know how harmful smoking can be, but wouldn't it be great to lit a cigarette and not be a victim of its harmful effects.


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Ever seen a charismatic game night in a stadium or on television screens where all the people would bring out the lighter or flashlights in their mobile phones and brings a fairytale moment in the stadium to cheer their team or when all the fans would turn up the light in their mobile phones and get lost into the rhythm of a music concert. This lighter can do much more than just blow a flashlight. It is a real but virtual lighter which responds to your phone's movements, turns off with a puff of air, fire, changes color, tilts flame with your moment just like a real lighter. You can do so much with these exclusively designed beautiful lighters. Mobile Lighter displays realistic-looking lighters on your handset's screen. Use your finger to flick the lighter open and create a flame. When you tilt your phone, the flame follows your movements. To put out the flame, blow on your phone's microphone. Just light up the lighter and watch the flame flickering like the real one!


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Show your love to that special person by setting the air on fire for them through the Fire Ink feature of Mobile Lighter app and write those magical words for them with fire and express the fire in your love or simply do it for fun. This metallic lighter is sure to give you an obsession that you won't be able to give up on easily. For utility purposes, you can also use the flashlight in this phone to escape through the darkness with the brightest LED flashlight with low power consumption. This light and fun app will fulfill xthe void of a real metallic lighter, satisfy the need to turn the lighter on and off with your finger as your mobile lighter is perfect to do that operation, write the burning words for you, follows your instructions and hand movements, and much more. So what are you thinking, download it right now and have fun using this great app.


Full features of the App - Mobile Lighter

1. Customizations: A wide range of beautifully crafted lighters to choose from all that you have to do is simply choose the one you like and start feeling the excitement. There are so many covers, lighter bodies that you can chose and put on your lighter and make a new cool lighter as per your desire and enjoy the fun of designing a lighter.

2. Blow Out - Blow on your phone's microphone to extinguish the flame.

Who needs a candle on a cake which melts in your delicious cake; now blow the flame with a puff of air on your phone. Yes in this amazing mobile lighter app, you can actually put out the flame by blowing it. You amazing lighter works exactly like a real lighter and is no stranger to a blow if air.


Mobile Lighter - Features


3. Fire Ink – Draw your heart out with this beautiful effect and steal all the limelight. Increase or decrease the width and simply keep entertained. Watch your words written with fire as they burn out and create a mystic effect on your phone. Leave an impression on the hearts of your loved ones by writing those magical and loving words for them with fire, only harmless fire.


Mobile Lighter - Fire Ink


4. Personalize - Set your creativity high and design your very own lighter with various personalization themes and options. Give your lighter a high fashion sense by adding stylish skin of your choice from a wide variety of skins. You will end up wanting for more designs and customizations once you start creating your own mobile lighter.

5. Lighter covers - You can also add a customized engraved skin that will appear on the lighter's side. How is that different from the lighter skin, we know you must be thinking this, well for starters it comes on lighter skin, not with it. With lighter covers, you can add more realistic touch to your lighter and customize it furthermore.


Mobile Lighter - Lighter Covers


6. Colors and Height of Lighter - Why only chose one single lighter and apply all customizations on it, when you can even change the type of lighter that you want to use. Go ahead chose any lighter of different style and height. Wait it's not only about size, you can now even change the flame color of your lighter, isn't it every bit exciting?

7. Screen Mode - Put a realistic-looking lighter on your screen. Open up to the most exciting app for a mobile lighter with cool graphics and a theme that suits the subject quite well. Stare into the most realistic flame of a virtual lighter that gets better when you stare into it more and more. Enjoy the sharp colorful lighter burning in your mobile screen.

8. Toggle on/off - The lighter opens with a flick of your wrist and lights with a turn of your thumb. Flaunt this cool application, with a lifelike flame of the lighter. Now you can stow your twitchy palm using this lighter toggle and turn it off or on with a touch of your finger. Its amazing graphics will definitely make you a fan of this virtual lighter.


Mobile Lighter - Toggle On/Off


9. Fireworks - Don't feel guilty about harming environment anymore while using crackers anymore, as our fireworks are 100% pollution-free and safe. Crack as many firecrackers as you want to on this awesome app and that too with your mobile lighter. Yeah, that's true get lost into a beautiful view of fireworks without spending anything.


Mobile Lighter - Fireworks


How to use the App


1. Where from to install the app?

You can easily download the app from Google play store, just type "Mobile Lighter" in the search bar and you can find the Mobile Lighter app by Mig Super or you can use the link to download the app.


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2. How to use the blow feature of the app?

The blow feature is used to turn off the lights with a puff of air. Touch on the air blow icon on your Mobile Lighter app screen, blow air into the microphone of your phone and there, your fire gets blown away just like a real lighter with a blow of air. Isn't it plain awesome, how this lighter works just like a real lighter.

3. How to change the lighter covers?

You can choose from various lighter bodies for your very own customized lighter, go to the second option at the left of the home screen. Find some of the coolest covers for your mobile lighter. Tap on the lighter cover which you want to apply to your lighter, chose and try the best cover for your mobile lighter and your awesome mobile lighter is ready to show off.


Mobile Lighter - Lighter Cover


4. How to change the color of the flame?

Now, not only the metal body, you can also change the color of the flame of your lighter, make fire whichever color you want to make. Now, it is something beyond the capabilities of your usual lighter. Touch the flame option from the menu and move the slider to left and right to find your favorite color for your lighter's flame.


Mobile Lighter - Change Flames


5. How to use the Fire Ink in the Mobile lighter app?

Fire Ink is the feature through which you can write anything with a fire effect on your phone. Simply tap the icon and write whatever you want to write using the fire ink. You can also adjust the thickness of the pen by sliding the pointer at the bottom. Now write your heart out with fire and express the heat you have in a much dramatic way.


Mobile Lighter - Fire Ink


6. How to turn off the touch vibration in the mobile lighter app?

It is very easy to turn off the touch vibration if you want to. Go to the settings in the menu, and tap on"Vibration off" and your on touch vibration will be gone. You can also turn the sound similarly if you want to from the settings and you can also learn how to use the mobile lighter app from here also. You can find everything here.


Mobile Lighter - Sound Settings


7. How to use special effects and burn firecrackers in the mobile lighter app?

You can burn firecrackers, light candles and use many other special effects in the Mobile Lighter app. Select the smiley and stickers icon from the menu. You can find many fun options here. You can shoot the fireworks and a virtual cigarette never hurt anyone. So enjoy a range to cool special effects and stickers which nothing less than harmless addiction.


Mobile Lighter - Effects


8. How to turn on/off the flashlight?

Select the torch icon in the menu and tap on the power button your phone's screen. The mobile lighter has the brightest LED flashlight which is a life-saver in most of the dark situations in life. To turn the flashlight off, simply tap on the power option again.


Mobile Lighter - Power Button


9. How to change the lighter body?

Go to the first option in the menu at the left, at the bottom menu you can find various lighter bodies of different styles and sizes which you can apply on your different and custom create a lighter of your desire.


Mobile Lighter - Change Body

10. How to find more such fun apps?

There so many other fun apps by the apps giant Migital both for Android and iOS devices. You can either search "Mig Super" on play store or App Store or you can go to the more app section in the app. There are so many fun apps which are waiting to entertain you.

Mobile Lighter displays realistic-looking lighters on your handset's screen. Use your finger to flick the lighter open and create a flame. When you tilt your phone, the flame follows your movements. To put out the flame, blow on your phone's microphone. Just light up the lighter and watch the flame flickering like the real one! Shoot fireworks, write anything with fire and many such more exciting animations in the best mobile lighter app. Want some more useful Entertainment Apps? Try My YouTube Channel App Maker for your Android phone now.


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