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Wow Top 10   Best Apps for Bodybuilding Workouts
Wow top 10 - best apps for bodybuilding workouts

you don’t know what your body is designed for. weight lifting is the best things in life that we’ve discovered so far and we are proud to be a part of it. the initial phase of bodybuilding is stimulating. first, it feels like dying then you feel reborn.  it’s always way more than just lifting!  for some people, are not just about lifting heavy and gaining muscles. it’s merely an antidepressant therapy for the powerlifters.  an attractive physique is an everlasting dream for everyone. a true workout trainer and a fitness coach that guides you through bodybuilding & fitness training videos for every muscle group. presenting top 10 apps for bodybuilding workouts.  #1. gym workouts videos of bodybuilding gym exercises:

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Best Office Rush Games
Wow top 10 - best office rush games

We all love to play online games in our leisure time. the most interesting one’s are those which require brain exercising and forming a strategy. presenting wow top 10 free strategy games at migital.com   #1. office rush an amazing game that you can relate with. do you also get late for the office sometimes? afraid of scoldings from the boss? this is a fun game that simulates the biggest problem in a person’s professional life, that is getting late for the office. the mission is to get in the office without being noticed by the boss or any of the colleagues. get to your cubicle without being noticed by boss and save your job. you can download office rush from google play store. features: a.amazing graphics and smooth interface makes it’s game-play amazing. b.there are three difficulty levels: trainee, fresher & experienced. c.these levels have different challenges of their own. d.there are unique power ups and bonuses at each successive level. this game is rated one of the most popular apps in the app stores.   #2. survival prison escape: this is a stealth mission game where a highly trained special ops government agent is held captive by enemy forces. he must be free in order to get back to his wife and daughter. this agent is highly trained in stealth and has deadly combat skills. the jail is equipped with cctv at every corner. be the part of his adventure and help him break through this prison. features: this game has a realistic 3d feel of prison environment, amazing sound effects  and a perfect game-play makes it one the best strategic + action games available on the app-stores. skill up at every level and learn new ways to create distractions and get out without being noticed.   #3. unblock car this is a strategy cum puzzle game where you need to get your car out of the parking but other cars are blocking the way. all you have to do is to clear the way and get out with as less moves as possible. it has a high variety of puzzles available with four difficulty levels. it’s an amazing game to exercise your brain features: this game has 4 difficulty levels with over 3,000 puzzles and new puzzles are added every now and then. it also has four theme sets that makes it’s appearance even cooler.  every level is tough and even a better exercise for your brain.   #4. grow empire: rome remember age of empires? this game is just like that. you are the mighty caesar in this game and you need to defeat all the rival forces that stand in your way of being the most powerful ruler of ancient europe. it’s a strategic role play game where you build an empire, fight battles and conquer more kingdoms. features: it’s indeed a very challenging game as there are 1400+ attacks that your rival do and a lot of upgrades are offered by the game while your kingdom grows. different enemies with 12+ different troops. bizarre weapons like giant catapults and war elephants. 4 heroes with special skills and 18 more skills to unlock.   #5. game of warriors its a simple old-school tower defense strategic game here you must save your castle from the massive evil force of your rivals . your forces include gladiators, archers,healers and golem. protect your castle before they rush in and defeat you. you must defeat 4 different armies of goblins, skeletons, gladiators and minotaur. features: there are lots of skill upgrades for the general of your army which unlock with war experience. 4 hero characters are available for unlock. place your archers, gladiators and all the weapons in the correct position and wait for the right time to attack. a very challenging game with amazing graphics and sound effects.   #6. fort conquer there are monsters out there, ready to take down your kingdom and all the army along with it. but you have an entire army waiting for them to strike. you have the monsters and other vicious creatures that fight to wipe them from the face of battlegrounds. gather your forces, conquer the rival army and reclaim your freedom. features: there are two main hero characters. unlock 20+ skills and train your army well. evolve the species of your monsters and this game offers you to create new species of monsters. 8 challenging levels of this game will blow your mind with brain exercising strategies and much more. 1400+ monster waves to survive   #7. supermarket mania: this is a role play strategy game where you own a chain of supermarket and you need to strategize your actions each day to grow the business and expand! here you need to manage 14 stores and deal with over 10 types of demanding customers whom you need to please. you have 85 products that need to be sold with a satisfactory service. this game offers you a wide range of 300+ upgrades features: it has around 350+ levels and more are to be added in the future. 300+upgrades that are available for free. you have 14 stores to manage and different types of customers that are really tricky to deal with. it has an attractive and smooth interface with an interesting concept, this makes it one of the most addictive games.   #8. classic bomber legend: back to the good old days! bomber man was one of the most played video games on 8-bit game consoles. it was immensely popular among the 90’s generation. well, this game is back and much handy this time. although the concept remains same, plant the bomb and run! features: it has power-ups and abilities available at every level, you just need to see them by blowing up the walls. abilities like two bomb planting ability, remote control, extended blast, timer etc. this vintage game is addictive and a lot of fun to play. it becomes more challenging when you blow up the wrong door, which releases extra vicious monsters.   #9. roll the ball: roll the ball is one of  the most addictive and challenging game on the app-stores right now. in this, you need to arrange the pieces of puzzle in such a way that the create a path for the ball to roll and reach it’s destination. this must be done using as less moves as possible while collecting the stars for bonus score. features: upgrade your power-ups at every level as you beat the score. get more stars to unlock more features. 100s of challenging and mind exercising puzzles to complete.   #10. plumber it is yet another strategy cum puzzle game which requires quick actions and planning to win. in every level you need to connect the pipes so that the water reaches it’s destination. all you have to do is, just rotate pipes, connect them and make path for water before the time runs out. features: it has 400+ fantastic levels with amazing graphics and simplest interface. requires quick and logical thinking. if you’re stuck somewhere, this game gives you hints. conclusion: still trying to find thrill in your boring life schedule? office rush is the best strategy game for thrill seekers like you. it has amazing graphics, story line and awesome game-play, which makes it #1 strategy game on google play store till date.

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