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Wow Top 10  Best One Touch Games
Wow top 10- best one touch games

Mobile games are fun for sure, what if they can enhance your logical abilities as well? find the best puzzle games for your android and ios mobiles at migital.com. presenting wow top 10 puzzle games to exercise your brain.    #1. one touch draw: one touch draw is an addictive game in which you have to draw shapes on your mobile screen by connecting dots but without lifting your finger. if you lift the game is over and you lose. it is a mind-boggling game with hundreds of awesome levels that are just great for exercising your brain. you can download one touch draw from google play store. features: it is a mono-color puzzle game that is harmless for your eyes unlike other puzzle games involving multiple colors that harm your eyes by continuously stressing them. it has 600 levels and 6 challenging modes.   #2. parking frenzy this is an amazing puzzle game where you need to get your car out of the parking, but the other cars are blocking your way. all you have to do is to clear the way and get out with as fewer moves as possible. it has a high variety of puzzles available with four difficulty levels. it’s an awesome game to exercise your brain if you love challenges. features: this game has 4 difficulty levels with over 3,000 puzzles and new puzzles are added every now and then. it also has four theme sets that make its appearance even cooler.  every level is tough and even a better exercise for your brain.   #3. the room it is a clue-based puzzle game, all you need to do is observe things and keep an eye on what’s around you. conclude your inferences and find something new. this game has amazing graphics as compared to its counterparts on mobile devices. it will change the way you see things for sure! features: high definition graphics and amazing sound effects give this game the best game-play in the category of mystery/puzzle games.   #4. roll the ball: roll the ball is one of  the most addictive and challenging game on the app-stores right now. in this, you need to arrange the pieces of the puzzle in such a way that the create a path for the ball to roll and reach it’s destination. this must be done using as less moves as possible while collecting the stars for bonus score. features: upgrade your power-ups at every level as you beat the score. get more stars to unlock more features. 100s of challenging and mind-exercising puzzles to complete.   #5. connect 2: oil pipeline: it is yet another strategy cum puzzle game which requires quick actions and planning to win. in every level you need to connect the pipes so that the oil reaches its destination. all you have to do it, just rotate pipes, connect them and make a path for oil before the time runs out. features: it has 400+ fantastic levels with amazing graphics and simplest interface. requires quick and logical thinking. if you’re stuck somewhere, this game gives you hints.   #6. bubble shooter this is just another retro game in a brand new avatar! it’s a fun game we loved to play as kids. now it is created for mobile devices as well. it is highly addictive, all you need to do is prevent balls from touching the bottom of the screen. shoot the balls with a same colored ball to make them disappear. features: high definition graphics display balls in 3-d and this game has amazing visual effects and sounds. it has a lot of combo moves that’ll make you even more addicted to it.   #7. brain it on! this is a unique puzzle game which has mind crushing physics problems that challenge your thinking skills. you can share these problems and their solutions with your friends. there different difficulty levels each one unlocks after you complete the previous one. features: this game contains 300+ interesting physics problems which you insist you to keep on playing. the solutions to problems can be shared with friends who are already playing this game. the amazing graphics and sound effects make it one of the best puzzle games on app stores.   #8. block puzzle jewel it’s a classic tetris style game where you need to put blocks of identical shapes together and make them disappear, all you have to do is to stop them from filling up the screen. once they pile up to the top, you lose! this is one of the most popular puzzle games in the play store right now probably because of its resemblance with jewel tetris. features: this game has two modes, arcade and classic. one has timer mode and the other doesn’t. this is just a retro game in a whole new look with 200+levels with variable difficulty.   #9. two dots it’s a fun to play a game with adorable graphics and a very simple interface. all you have to do is connect one dot to another, draw a line, you can even create bombs, fight a fire, and much more. it has around 1485 addicting levels so the fun never ends. features: you can play online with your facebook friends and those already playing this game. this is a game with a very simple and smooth interface. it has over 1485 level to keep you addicted to it. it has fun sound effects and visuals too.   #10. flow free it is a fun to play puzzle game, all you need to do is connect matching colors with pipe to create a flow. you need to pair all the colors, and it must cover the entire board in order to solve a puzzle but no pipe must overlap the other else it’ll break. it has more than 2500+ mind-boggling puzzles to test your logical thinking skills. features: it has a clean, colorful interface with fun sound effects. it has 2500+ puzzles to blow your mind so that you never get bored of playing the same level puzzles.   conclusion: puzzle games are best for exercising your brain and improving memory and cognitive functioning. there are hundreds of puzzle games on the app store with a significant number of app downloads, but are they good enough? are they highly addictive? try one touch draw and know it for yourself. it truly is the #1 puzzle game of all the time.

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WOW Top 10   Best Apps For Calories Counting
Wow top 10 - best apps for calories counting

There is no diet that will do what healthy eating does! calorie tracking plays a very important role while working for physique goals. whether it's about weight loss goals or gaining muscles, precision towards what you eat is a must. presenting top 10 calorie tracker apps. #1.  calories counter & diet plans by mevofit  

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