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Wow Top 10 Best Mobile Leisure Apps
Wow top 10 – best mobile leisure apps

A fun yet highly entertaining app that proves to be very amusing while killing time. an app with cool graphic special effects like custom lighter skins, popcorn visuals, fireworks and much more. download the best leisure and entertainment apps for your android and ios apps at presenting to best leisure apps till date:   #1.  mobile lighter:   it's a fun app which proves to be very entertaining while killing time. highly entertaining app with cool graphics special effects like custom lighter skins, popcorn visuals, fireworks and much more. the lighter opens with a flick of your wrist and lights with a turn of your thumb. you can download mobile lighter from google play store. features: you can blow on your phone's microphone to extinguish its flame, it has a bright flashlight that brightens up your phone. it allows you to show your creativity with such beautiful effects. you can also set different colors & adjust the flame.   #2.  lighter app: this app allows you to use a realistic lighter on your screen. you can customize the colors of flame, and it's background. you can personalize the lighter by adding engraved skins to the sides. you can blow on your mic to put out the flame features: this free app mimics a realistic cigarette lighter on the screen of your device. you can use your finger to flip the lighter open, then spin the flint gear to ignite a flame. when you tilt your phone, the flame changes state accordingly. to put out the flame, just blow on your microphone.   #3.  fireworks app: this app displays a beautiful simulation of fireworks in a night sky. this application displays a very realistic animation of fireworks from launch to the explosion. these fireworks are generated on the wallpaper of a modern city by night. high definition sound effects make the simulator even more realistic. features: fireworks ignite in at the place you touch on the screen. you can also automate the fireworks, this will display fireworks in random positions on the screen with provided frequency. you can choose the color and duration of a particular   #4.  blw visualizer: it is a beautiful custom live wallpaper maker which has a lot of inbuilt themes and sound visualizer. everything can be customized in the appearance of the live wallpapers. it's creative dynamic sound visualizations react to every music or sound that is emitted from your device. it brings your home screen to life. features: it's one of a kind beautiful live wallpaper maker which has smooth animations. it automatically reacts to any form of music or audio that you're listening to. it is equipped with numerous music visualizer themes like pulsing shapes, bars and lightning.   #5.  flashy kaleidoscope: this app has a live wallpaper that renders an animated kaleidoscope visual effect. it creates sort of a psychedelic flash. everything can be customized in this app including the mirror angles, colors, flash etc. features: you can choose from 20+ background options or you can simply choose an image from your gallery. select visualizations from different patterns & symmetry as well. the rotation speed can be adjusted according to the rate of background variation.   #6.  stadium horn: it turns your smartphone into a powerful air horn. you can even record and play your own voice. its a nice app with an intuitive graphical interface. features: stadium horn free is a loud air horn for your smartphone. including the loud blast of sound, this app has some additional sound simulations like a foghorn, sporting event, and the vuvuzela sound. it also allows you to record your own sounds and stores them on sd card.   #7.  fireworks creator: this is a very unique and fun app which allows you to create your own fireworks, ignite them and have a blast. you can completely customize your firecrackers and set the color, pattern and intensity of the blast. features: a huge number of different combinations to choose from. you also have the ability to save every firecracker you make.   #8.  shotgun: it mimics realistic gun-shot sound with engaging graphics. a simple design with an intuitive interface. with this app, you can turn your smartphone into an action-packed shotgun. to fire a few shots just simply "shake" your phone back and forth to load your virtual gun, and then swing it upwards to fire. features: it has a variety of in-built gun models that simulate the working of a real gun. there are many guns to choose from. pick your weapon and enjoy!   #9.  moto app: need to kill some time? try playing with this moto-throttle app. it simulates motorcycle acceleration and deceleration. just tilt the phone to manage acceleration or simply rotate it as an actual motorbike throttle. features: it allows you to choose from numerous sounds, enable/disable flash, sound, vibration and change background colors.   #10.  milk it turns your phone into a baby bottle with realistic appearing milk. you can observe the real fluid-like motion of the animation. it is just a leisure app that helps you to have some fun with your kids. features: you just need to touch the screen to fill the baby bottle. you can choose from the baby bottle or milk glass. it also allows you to change the color of the liquid, make mixture & even make the background transparent for even realistic effects.   conclusion: mobile apps are the best way to pass-time whenever you’re stuck in a boring situation like family parties or get together parties. mobile lighter is the #1 app when it comes to killing time while having some fun. it has some really fun features that’ll keep you interested and will never let you get bored, no matter what.

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