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Wow Top 10 Best Apps for Healthy tips
Wow top 10 – best apps for healthy tips

#1.  healthy 101 : daily tips for health & weight loss: a fit lifestyle is a key to a healthy life. fitness is not an impossible thing to attain, it can be tricky though. depending on the type of approach you have towards it. the most important factor in any fitness regime is guidance. without proper guidance, it's almost impossible to reach your goals. however, when you have right guidance these goals become easily achievable. healthy 101 is a complete guide for your fitness goals. you can download healthy 101 : daily tips for health & weight loss from google play store & app store. features: like an ideal health app, it gives you a complete guidance on your diet and nutrition, including the food ingredients that are beneficial for you, calorie count of each food item, and much more. it also gives a detailed guidance on the workout schedules you need to follow for a lean and fit body. it's an all-rounder app for all your fitness needs.   #2.  ketogenic diet for beginners: low carb keto diet : this app is different from its counterparts as it's meant for only those who wish to follow a ketogenic diet. a ketogenic diet is meant for dropping body fat while preserving the overall muscle composition. this app contains delicious recipes with high fats (healthy) & proteins while keeping low carbohydrates. features: it contains hundred's of ketogenic diet recipes, which are updated every week. it also contains a macro calculator to help you with your low carbs diet. this nutrition app helps in managing the shopping list, includes a beginner’s guide for ketogenic schedules.   #3.  feel the burn - lose weight in 30 days: it's a weight loss guide which offers you a complete solution for your fitness regime. you get a detailed information on the exercises by making use of visuals and graphics. the workout schedules cover all the major muscle groups. the planner helps in suggesting the appropriate food items for your physique goals. features: it helps you in keeping up with your fitness goals with a built-in step counter. it's database contains hundred's of low calorie recipes. the exercise guide makes use of videos as well as animations to ensure perfect movement during exercise.   #4.  lose weight in 30 days: lose weight in 30 days is an app which claims to help you in losing weight in a quick & safer way. it provides guidance on diet and workout schedules to help you in improving your physique and overall fitness. it allows you to synchronize your data on google fit. features: it tracks your progress based on your goals and also keeps a track of calories burnt. this app displays workout routines via animations and videos. the intensity of workout gradually increases as you progress. a variety of workouts is available on this app varying from gym workouts to home workouts.   #5.  bodyfast intermittent fasting: coach, diet tracker : this isn't totally a fitness guide but it helps greatly in losing weight. bodyfast app offers you an intermittent fasting coach that helps you in losing weight in a fast and healthy way. it also supports you in getting leaner and feeling better. the results assured are quite promising. intermittent fasting is a very helpful fitness practice as during this, growth hormone secretion is at peak and our body is in the state of continuous fat loss. it helps in suppressing the stress hormone (cortisol) levels. features: it makes a perfect fasting schedule for you, by calculating your bmr and other essential data. so that you lose fat in an easy and healthy way.   #6.  lark - 24/7 health coach : it's a 24/7 fitness coach that is tailor-made for all your fitness needs. it helps you in building healthy eating habits and assists you to get more active, stress less, and live a healthier life. lark coach shares your progress weekly and works with you to adjust your plan to fit your lifestyle. features: it automatically monitors your exercise, weight and other health data. it doesn't need wearable sensors, it uses low power phone sensors instead. this app synchronizes your data with google fit so you can manage all your health data and analyze it better. although it's free to use, but the premium features like 12 week weight loss programs are paid.   #7.  weight loss recipes : weight loss recipes only manage your diet, it couldn't provide any guidance on workouts. it is an online cookbook which contains a database of healthy dishes. it has a large variety of recipes which are pre-loaded in its database. these recipes are suitable for your weight loss goals. ranging from low calorie to macro rich diet. the recipes are simple and easy to cook. features: you can search recipes by ingredients as well as names, these recipes can easily be accessed offline. you can also create a shopping list with this app. the other details provided by this app include, preparation time, nutritional value, calories, etc. this app is only focused on weight loss diet.   #8.  high protein diet sources food : this app guides about high protein foods fruits & vegetables and high protein diet foods for vegan & non-vegetarian users of all age groups. it's database has compiled all types of high protein food sources that are suitable for every fitness goal. let it be muscle building or weight loss or even bodybuilding. this app offers diet solution for everything. features: it's database contains a list of top protein rich foods that can be easily found anywhere in the world, which are completely natural. this database is not only suitable for gaining/ bulking but also for  weight loss and leaning for both vegetarians and non vegetarians.   #9.  noom coach: health & weight: it is yet another personal coach app which gives you access to a daily workout and diet plan containing easy to follow has a large food database which includes popular restaurants and international cuisine features: it has a battery-friendly pedometer that counts your steps. contains tools to track your weight, calories, workout, blood pressure, and blood glucose. it provides personalized feedback on your choices of food and progress to help you reach your goals.   #10.  fit o'clock: fit o'clock is an amazing app, that is perfect for your fitness regime. it schedules everything that is necessary for your fitness goals, get complete guidance on workouts (from stretching to a complete workout session). fit o' clock schedules everything for you, it guides using videos and animations for exercise form and posture. these exercises are suitable for both men and women of all age groups. features: step counter keeps track of the number of steps you walked during a particular day. it contains all type of workouts, including home workouts for which you don't need to hit the gym everyday. tune-in to your favorite music while working-out. you can easily track your progress by feeding your weight and body fat % data. conclusion: while you’re geared up & determined on your fitness journey, you still need a lot of catching up to do. everyone needs a mentor in their journey of greatness,  healthy 101 : daily tips for health & weight loss will prove to be the best at it. it provides you with latest tips that you can incorporate into your fitness regime to get the best out of your efforts. these time proven expert tips are sure to get you the physique you always dreamed of. this is why it is the #1 app for healthy tips.

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