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Best Apps for Wifi Management
Wow top 10 – best apps for wifi management

Wireless booster is a revolutionary technology that has changed the way we access the internet and surf through the wi-fi signal and enhance the productivity through apps. presenting top 10 apps for wi-fi management.   #1. super wifi manager: super wifi manager is the best in class wi-fi scanner and manager available on google play-store a one stop shop, which brings together a lot of handy features, it's a perfect wifi manager for your phone. it analyzes the available networks and helps you in connecting to the best available router. you can download super wifi manager from google play store. features: helps in creating hot-spot from your device and analyzes the data usage. b. you can monitor all the devices connected to your network, it allows you to easily switch between available routers depending on the signal strengths. c. you can track ip address of your connection and schedule the automatic switching on/off for wifi on your device to save power and data. d. this app has an easy to use interface and a useful widget.   #2. wifi manager: wifi manager app lets you, connect, manage, and switch between wifi networks. this app improves connection quality along with an inspecting channel radar. it allows you to discover all open networks around you. it gives you a detailed connection info like speed, network, data used etc. you can even leave this to an automatic switch mode. features: it provides you the detailed info about the network that you are connected to. like the signal strength, ip address, and other networks present around you. you can also diagnose the connection speed of the network you're connected to.   #3. wifi analyzer : wifi analyzer turns your android phone into a network analysis shows the wi-fi channels around you. helps you to find a less crowded channel for your wireless router. features: this app is ideal for analyzing various details about the network you're connected to. it helps you in determining the overall data usage, schedule the time of switching wifi connections on &off so that you save device battery and data as well.   #4. wifi analyzer and surveyor: wifi analyzer and surveyor helps in effectively monitoring the overall signal strength, channel graph, and channel interference of the available networks. you can make use of this wifi monitor to automatically detect any slow networks around you while identifying channel interference and poor signal strength. features: this application is completely ad free. this app enables you to scan for all the wifi networks in nearby locations. you can perform a complete survey of signal strengths of any/all wifi networks using the wifi survey mode of the app. you can export the heatmap report and signal strength report of the survey result from the app.   #5. wifi doctor-detect & boost: wifi doctor is a powerful & simple app designed to monitor wifi connection and protect your internet activates. this app scans all the devices connected to your wifi hot-spot, and speeds up the network connection by closing background processes/apps. features? it lets you check whether the network you’re connected to is safe to surf in order to protect your privacy online. one of the most unique features of this app is  that it detects and stops the apps that are using data in the background to boost the performance of your phone.   #6. linksys : you can completely control your linksys products from anywhere. monitor your wi-fi devices, check  devices connected, set up survelliance on the remote desktop connections. you get all access with just a touch. features: you can access and manage your wi-fi router from anywhere, you can even monitor status. it lets you decide which devices get wi-fi priority for more bandwidth. restrict access to certain websites or block specific devices from accessing the internet.   #7. wifi monitor - analyzer of wi-fi networks: wifi monitor is a powerful network analyzer application that can help you in observing the state of wifi network connections by gathering the crucial data about it's parameters. features: this app analyzes the speed, bandwidth, and signal strength of the current network. it also gives the properties of devices that are connected to your network. it has some out of the box features like lan scanner, port scanner, ip & host converter.   #8. ip tools: wifi analyzer: ip tools is a powerful toolkit to speed up networks. it allows swift detection of any problem on the network.  it uses ip address detection and other methodologies to diagnose & resolve problems and boost network performance. this is a must-have app for network administrators and it specialists. features: it includes some of the top notch features like, lan scanner, port scanner, dns lookup tools, provides info on a website and it's owner. it also makes use of connection log to track every event as it occurs. ip tools also has some of the most unique tools like ip calculator, ip & host converter etc.   #9. wifi wps tester - no root to detect wifi risk: it is a utility which assists you in detecting the potential risk of the wifi network. these risks include password risk, data & privacy risks. it's database has 30 algorithms and 50000 known pins. the tester helps you in detecting the potential wps risk your network is at. features: wifi wps tester includes  features like, encryption protocols, port manager, dns lookup tools. it uses connection logbook to track every action as it occurs. ip tools also has some of the most unique tools like ip calculator, ip & host converter etc.   #10. wifi inspector: wifi inspector is a tool to see all the devices connected to your network . it works for both wired and wireless networks and provides you details about connected devices like, their ip address, manufacturer, device name and mac-addresses. features: it allows you to save a list of familiar devices with and further helps in finding intruders on your network in less than 30 seconds of time. this is sufficient to keep an eye on the connected network and keeping the data and privacy intact. all these features in a simple and intuitive design. conclusion: managing wifi is an important task, none of us want intruders lurking around in our network, do we? super wifi manager  is the best tool for managing wifi connections. with it’s extended functionalities and amazing features it is surely the best wifi tool, in fact the #1 wifi manager tool on google play store till now.

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