Wow Top 10- Best Theft Master Games

Mission games are always thrilling and exciting to play. Be a thief and steal the light with wow top 10 best theft master games. Find amazing online strategy games at


#1. The Theft Master:

An amazing action game by Migital. You want to be the kingpin of the underworld, but it’s never an easy task. You need to steal ancient and valuable relics to claim your position. You must infiltrate the premises of world’s most heavily guarded places, steal and get out unnoticed. You learn new moves with every successful mission and get a step ahead in this sin city.  

You can download The Theft Master from Google Play Store.

A.450+ mind boggling levels which will keep to glued to your mobile screen.
B. 3 levels of game-play: Normal, Expert, Survival to make sure that it never gets boring.
C. This game has top-notch graphics and sound effects that’ll leave you awestruck.
D. Exercise your brain while fooling world’s best security systems.


#2. Mission Of Crisis:

A heroic ranger raccoon on a mission to save his clan. This game is amazing when it comes to controls and overall game-play. You get access to the most destructive weapons you can think of. So, just gear-up with your team and get going, kill those nasty zombies on your way. This game has 100+ interesting missions that’ll get you addicted to it.

Test your tactical skills as hordes of zombies attack your base. This game has a progressively evolving AI which studies your pattern and adjusts the difficulty accordingly. The graphics are stunning and sounds effects are decent. The overall game-play is extremely smooth.


#3. Bloons TD 5

This is a strategy action game which features a battle between two clans and you must save yours in order to survive. The Bloons are equipped with weapons of mass destruction and will do anything to survive. The game has 50+ exciting tracks, 250+ random missions & 10 special missions. It offers you 10 special agents to choose from.

The game-play is extremely smooth with an addictive stock of 250+ mission that are enough for you to stay glued to your phone. there’s a great choice of weapons and player characters as well. The graphics are colorful and sound effects are fun to listen to.


#4. Vegas Crime Simulator

You’re a con-man in the sin city of Las Vegas. It’s time to let out  el-diablo (the devil) lurking inside you. Steal cars, kill people, rob banks, run away from police. But whatever you just don’t get caught. The world of crime embraces you with arms wide open. Make the best out of your criminal instincts.

A huge world map, roam wherever you feel like. This game has the biggest collection of vehicles and weapons that doubles up the fun. The graphics are 3D and high definition with realistic background voices and amazing soundtracks.


#5. Bank Robbery City Mafia 3D

The mafia and other dangerous criminals are on the loose and they’re planning to rob the biggest banks of the city. You’re a skilled mafia who’ll take ‘em out one bad guy at a time. Beware! They’re holding the hostages like the other cowards do. All you need to do is take clear shot and wipe them off from the face of the earth.

This game is an addictive FPS (first person shooter) with 3D graphics and high definition visual effects. The weapons are so realistic that you won’t feel a difference while taking a shot. The weapons can always be upgraded. This game is available completely offline which means you don’t need to look for a stable internet connection for playing it.


#6. Secret Mission Jail Breakout:

This is a stealth mission game where a highly trained special ops government agent is held captive by enemy forces. He must be free in order to get back to his wife and daughter. This agent is highly trained in stealth and has deadly combat skills. The jail is equipped with CCTV at every corner. Be the part of his adventure and help him break through this prison.

This game has a realistic 3D feel of prison environment, amazing sound effects  and a perfect game-play makes it one the best strategic + action games available on the app-stores. Skill up at every level and learn new ways to create distractions and get out without being noticed.


#7. Stickman Prison Escape Story:

This is yet another jailbreak game, this time our fighter stickman plans an escape from the prison after being wrongly accused. He has vengeance in his mind but the only way to claim his life back is to escape from this creepy, torturous prison. Help him while he fights for his life.

This is a simple game with 3D graphics and a very simple interface which allows the controls and game-play to be extremely smooth. The sound effects are pretty amazing and induce a constant feeling of thrill while you try to escape the prison.


#8. Commando Adventure Mission:

You’re a black-ops commando who’s on a mission to finish the terrorist camps in the most dense forests of Vietnam. You and your team are equipped with most modern weapons that help you in pin-pointing and destroying the enemies wherever they hide.

50+ of challenging missions with increasing difficulty level, Game has great beautiful 3D graphics and environment. The more challenges you face the more you improve your sniper skills. Sound effects are extremely engaging. It includes modern weapons including Light Auto Machine Gun, Pistol or RPG.


#9. Metal Shooter: Super Soldiers:

This is a fun game to play, with very simple 2D cartoon graphics. You’re a soldier on a mission to kill all the bad guys in sight. There’s a countdown timer before which you need to reach the check points if you want to stay alive. There are many interesting weapons and power-ups on your way.

Amazing graphics and sounds makes this game fun to play. There are different characters to choose from & different kinds of weapons like shotgun, rocket launchers etc. This game has a total of 3 zones: Forest,Barrens,Depth


#10. Soldier Reborn:

It’s a classic platform style game with amazing weapons and 3D graphics. You need to kill all the henchmen of the kingpin of crime syndicate. But beware! they’re equipped with modern laser shooters and flash bombs that may harm you beyond recovery. Kill all the bad guys and claim the freedom of your hood.

This game has simple graphics and controls that can be enjoyed by the people of every age group. The sound effects are amazing. You have a lot of characters to choose from. Power-ups like mega jump, shields and cool weapons appear on the way. Just grab them and shoot to kill!



Adventure/ mission based games are best for thrill seeking people. Of all the games listed here. The Theft Master is #1 adventure game because of it’s amazing graphics, missions, character skills and sound effects. Download many other games like Office Rush to play the breathtaking strategy games.

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