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Video Games are bad for you! That’s what we’ve heard about action and games. A fun yet challenging game that’s just not about pressing random buttons and hoping for the best. Relive those childhood days when building a track and driving a toy train was one of the best fun experiences for the adventure games. Lay down the tracks before time runs out and test your track-building skills in the most extreme and challenging train driving situations like never before.


#1. Track Builder

Back to the good old days when we used to make tracks for our toy trains. This game refreshes those joyful memories. It is a fun train track builder game with exciting 500 levels. All you have to do is lay down the tracks before time runs out. Test your track-building skills in the most extreme and challenging situations.

You can download Track Builder from Google Play Store.

A. Track Builder is an amazing game with 500 addictive levels.
B. It has 3 uniquely designed beautiful themes and 5 challenging modes of game-play.
C. It has mind-blowing graphics with fun sound effects.
D. The interface is simple and extremely smooth.

#2. Train Bridge Construction:

This is a train simulator game where you govern the overall construction of a train bridge. From the excavation of tunnels to heavy machinery operation like the steamroller, cable crane, loading truck and much more. It’s a perfect simulator of real-life construction processes during the making of a train bridge. Be a part of this amazing project and be a little productive. The levels keep on getting challenging as you progress in the game.

Operate Heavy machinery in this life-like simulator game. It has a simple interface for smooth game control. High-quality graphics and amazing sound effects make it even more attractive. The game replicates the most realistic environment of bridge construction. You can even drive the train once you’re done constructing the bridge.


#3. Train Track Maze

This is another track puzzle game, where you need to lay down the railway tracks before the train reaches the particular point. You can govern the speed, route and destination of the train. Make your own grand railway network on Train track maze. It has 100+ exciting levels with countless locations, the tracks have some pretty dangerous obstacles like predator trees, shadow rocks and above all bandits! The game has amazing graphics with mind-bending riddles that are sure to make you get addicted to it.

Amazing Puzzles to exercise your brain. It also has beautiful themes that make the game-play more entertaining and attractive. The graphics are amazing and the sound effects are just awesome. This game has 100+ levels and countless puzzles so that you never get bored.


#4. Train Games Impossible Sim

It is one of the most realistic train simulator games on play-store. In this game, you are a train driver and you need to pick passengers as well as cargo and drop them at their destination. The interface completely replicates the working of a real-life railway transport system. The sound effects and graphics are truly amazing

Realistic 3D graphics and game-play allow you to drive trains like a pro locomotive driver. This game offers a lot of skillful opportunities to learn the basics of rail-road driving. It’s one game you can spend hours playing.


#5. Construct Railway Euro Train Track Builders:

Euro train track builders is a game that simulates the track construction processes. You need to operate heavy machinery like cable crane, steam rollers, excavation machine and loading trucks. Complete the track on time so that the transportation doesn’t get delayed. You can drive your locomotive once you’ve made the track.

Awesome 3D graphics make this game an amazing rail-road simulator experience. This game is available completely offline. This is a realistic copy of real-life railway constructions and is completely free. You get a complete experience of operating heavy machinery while laying the tracks. It has new and interesting challenges as you progress.


#6. Train Conductor World

It is a fun puzzle game in which you’re traversing the railroads of Europe and you need to complete the deliveries on time. You are provided with different boosters like rocket boosters, 2X score, double-time etc. This is fun to play the game and is completely available offline. This game features some of the most famous locations of Europe. Jump through the tracks and destroy the challenges in your way.

The game has amazing 3D graphics and fun sound effects. The game-play is very smooth because of the simple interface. The mind-blowing 200+ levels make it a highly addictive game.


#7. Railway Track: Bridge Construction Simulator 2018

The railway tracks are destroyed beyond recovering, and you need to undo all the damage by reconstructing the tracks all over again. Use the construction machinery like excavator to get rid of trees and debris, load the boulders in the truck and use cable crane to re-establish the bridge. This is a nice game with realistic problems and issues of railroad construction.  

This game provides you opportunities to work on railroad projects while using heavy construction machinery. It has amazing 3D graphics and realistic challenges. You can get hints wherever you get stuck during the game-play. It has a simple and intuitive interface for a smooth gaming experience.


#8. US Military Cargo Train Simulator: Railroad Game

You have the responsibility to transport combat vehicles and weaponry of US military. But beware there are unprecedented dangers on your way. Drive your locomotive well and protect your nation’s pride with your expert driving skills. All you have to do is get these weapons and vehicles to the base safely.  

Amazing 3D graphics and the realistic feel of an army base will leave you stunned. You can upgrade your train, add weapons to it. The overall game-play is so realistic that it truly replicates the real-life locomotive controls.


#9. Railway: Train for kids

This is the game specifically designed for kids to help them learn and distinguish between figures and numbers. The journey begins with a cute little train with colorful bogeys and little animals hopping aboard. It is a fun way to learn as the kids enhance their knowledge while driving a train and dropping off the animals at their destinations.

It provides a fun way to learn for your kids. It has cute colorful graphics that no one can get bored of. A very simple interface that your kid will love to play with. Learning was never so simple. All aboard the Fun Learn Train.


#10. Crazy Train Car Cargo:

It’s a cargo train simulator in which you need to transport some of the exotic cars to their destination. Be careful not to wreck them while transporting because each one of them is worth a million dollars at least. Whatever you do, just don’t get late. This is a simulator which replicates the driving and handling of an actual locomotive vehicle.

Amazing 3D graphics and flawless replication of railroad transportation make it an unbeatable simulator game. It has some real-life challenges and hints as well. The simple interface makes the game-play even smoother and addictive.



Train games are the best when it comes to passing time. Track Builder is the perfect game if wish to re-live those childhood days when building the tracks and running toy trains over it were so much fun. It’s so entertaining and addictive that it is #1 Track Builder game on Play Store till now.


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