Wow Top 10 - Best Diabetes Tracker Apps

Laughter is the best medicine unless you’re a diabetic, then insulin comes a bit higher on the list. Diabetes is a challenge that inspires you to rise each day. 
The role of health and fitness apps lets you track your daily activities in a way that it complements your health and fitness goals. Presenting WOW Top 10- Best Diabetes Tracker Apps.


#1. Diabetes tracker:

Gone are the days when you needed to maintain a log on a diary to track your blood sugar levels! Diabetes tracker helps you to calculate & track your blood sugar level, insulin intake & a lot more things. It's one of the most amazing apps created by Migital.
You can download
Diabetes tracker from Google Play Store.

Glucometer: Diabetes tracker allows you to view current and average readings represented as a list or via detailed graphs and reports. Not only glucose levels but it also tracks your Blood pressure.

Medicine Tracker: Keep a track of your Insulin intake and other Medicines. Schedule reminders that track your medicines & missed doses as well.

Doctors & Appointments: Manage your list of doctors and call them directly from the app. Maintain/view your Current and Previous Appointments so that you never miss any.

Diet & Exercise: Keep a track of what you eat to align with your diet goals. Depending on the type of your diabetes. Get personalized exercise instructions, from warm-up to basic exercises including yoga poses and aerobics to improve your overall health condition.

Reports: View reports of all modules in the App Reports section. Click a pic of and save all your health reports, in Lab Reports. Easily share them with your doctor.

Expenses: Track every penny you spend, with details of each entry.

#2. Blood Sugar Tracker & Monitor:

Blood sugar tracker is yet a simple and useful app for diabetic patients and as well as people with fitness goals who want to monitor blood sugar levels. However it has very limited functionality, it can only be used to keep logs of the glucose levels and body weight.

Blood sugar tracker can be used to track and manage blood sugar level & body weight. You can track everything on app's dashboard. This app gives you freedom from saving hard copies of lab records.
It displays fluctuations in your blood sugar levels in form of graphs. You can even select from random, fasting and A1C blood sugar levels on separate graphs.


#3. mySugr:

The mySugr App is another diabetes logbook which helps you in keeping track of your diabetes data. This app allows you to maintain data about blood sugar levels, carbohydrate intake, bolus data, and your estimated HbA1c.

You can personalize the logging screen with graphs of every data like diet, medicines, carbohydrate intake, with the help of graphs including HbA1c data. Daily and weekly medical analysis of your health condition. Share detailed reports with your doctor. Other services like registering with a medical device, are accessible only with the pro version.


#4. Blood Glucose Tracker:

Blood Glucose Tracker is an app developed by Little Bytes, it can effectively be used to keep a log of and your blood glucose and further analyze them.

Track basic blood sugar levels according to the time of test. Like, fasting, non-fasting, post-lunch, etc. Its helpful in managing important stats related to your health. Automatic backup & restore keeps your data safe. Extended functionality helps in analyzing your a1c test results.


#5. Diabetes:M

Diabetes:m is compatible with both smartphones and tablets. Whether you're a Type 1 or a Type 2 diabetes patient or even Gestational Diabetes. This is a logbook app just for your need. Adding to its functionality it has a vast database of nutrition, which helps you to keep track of the food you eat and other nutritional information. You can even schedule exercise time.

Apart from the basic features like scheduler, blood glucose log, graphical representation of data, most of the add-on features are available in the paid version. These features include removal of Ads, Additional Profiles management, and an expanded Food Database. The data synchronizes with devices after any change.


#6. Sugar Sense-

It is an effective app with a simple interface, allowing you to easily maintain logs. It also allows you to share your reports with your doctor. Some unique features include steps counter. Quick and easy logging of meals, medicines, etc.

Log all your health symptoms, treatments, weight, and logbook, Track carbohydrates with our carb counter for carbs counting. You can maintain a log of every type of insulin: rapid-acting, short-acting, etc.
It is suitable for type 1 as well as type 2 diabetes.


#7. Glucosio:

Glucosio can be called a modern app for tracking blood sugar, HB1AC, Blood Pressure, Ketones, etc. It makes tracking and managing all the aspects of your diabetes, easy. The best part is that it's entirely free!

Quick and easy logging of diabetic data. This app is suitable for type 1 as well as type 2 diabetes,  you can even set reminders for exercise and medicines. Analyze daily, weekly and even monthly data via graph analysis. The in-built assistant gives tips and recommendations. It allows you to create Backup on Google Drive.


#8. Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Health Tracker App:

It's a perfect health app and an all-rounder for log keeping. It has spreadsheet import which could be shared via web. So, you can mail it or save it with ease. It is much more than just a blood sugar tracker. It can track Medicines, Food intake, Blood Pressure, Weight, Temperature. etc

You can set a timer, analyze different data and represent them in an attractive way through graphs, the smart input system automatically learns the type of data you enter often and makes suggestions. Gives ease to edit categories, subcategories in order to customize high-low ranges, extreme values.


#9. Mumoactive - Diabetes Tracker :

It is a simple diabetes tracker with added functionalities. It helps you in tracking the exact values of your blood sugar level, You can Sync your data across devices using different platforms like IOS & Android, moreover, you can share your data with family & friends. Its interface is fast, secure, and simple.

Track different type of data including, daily, weekly and even monthly analysis of your blood glucose levels, make a note of when you took medicines, your weight or blood pressure readings. Share your data with your family, friends, and other healthcare professionals.


#10. Diabeto Diabetes Logbook:

Diabeto app makes the entire process of tracking the blood glucose levels and logging them, simple and fun. The interface of this app is extremely simple and intuitive as well. This app presents the most relevant and usable data which makes it very easy for the user to self-diagnose the levels of blood glucose.

You can get special diet related information from trained professionals via Diabeto app. You get an ease of logging blood sugar in just a click, other important data like mood, carb intake, activities and miscellaneous notes can be logged. You can record basal as well as bolus type insulin. With the diabeto app, you can get daily, weekly, monthly and yearly analysis. It allows you to set reminders for measuring blood sugar. The best part is, it's all safe because of cloud backup.



Diabetes is a common health condition, affecting millions of people across the globe. However, it may lead to serious ailments if not taken care of Diabetes tracker is the #1 app for tracking your blood glucose levels and other diabetic parameters. The top of the class features are sure to keep you in shape and your health in top-notch condition.

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