Wow Top 10 – Best Apps for Cardiovascular Training

Don’t run to add days to your life, run to add life to your days! A run begins from the moment you forget you are running.

Running has always been a one-stop solution for every health and fitness goal. Whether it’s about boosting metabolism, body detox or weight loss, running has always helped. Presenting wow top 10 fitness apps for running and cardio activities.

#1.  Run for Weight Loss by Mevo


Whether you’re a professional athlete or a fitness freak. Running is a great cardiovascular activity that ’s beneficial in so many bodily functions like getting rid of unwanted metabolic waste present in our system and enhancing the blood circulation so that the nutrients and oxygen are transported to every part of a body, efficiently. This is the best app to track and log your fitness regime. This is, in fact, the best sports activity tracker app. It is feature packed and is sure to motivate and guide you at every step. It’s more than just a regular fitness tracker app, it’s more of a personal trainer app always by your side.

You can download Run for Weight Loss by Mevo from Google Play Store & App Store.

A. You can easily track your run with it’s GPS guided system. It displays the distance you covered while your run and displays the other details like time is taken, calories burnt etc.
B. It guides you through different healthy diet options to improve your performance.
C. Groove to the music and play your favorite tracks while on the run. This app also logs and tracks your performance, and stores it for you to analyze it on daily, weekly or monthly basis.
D. Mevo provides you with all the performance enhancing guidance that’s necessary for you to optimize your performance.


#2.  Runtastic Running & Fitness Tracker(Beta)

The Runtastic app is a GPS running tracker app which logs the distance you cover while running everyday. It provides you with a real-time map of your race route. It’s not only a running tracker but also a personal trainer in your pocket which gives you a voice-over feedback. This is a feature packed app for an athlete.

This is a smart app which is also compatible with android wear 2.0, which means that you can easily synchronize all your data from your watch to this app. It has a personal trainer feature which guides you on your goals, it constantly motivates you while you complete your goals. It also has a music player so that you get more pump on your next workout session.


#3.  Sportractive GPS Running Cycling Distance Tracker

Sportractive is considered to be one of the most popular sports activity tracker app. It tracks all your outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, running and displays time, speed, elevation changes and calories burnt. You can set personal goals for duration or calories.

You can sync your data with other health apps like google fit. It logs and displays every detail of your outdoor activities like duration of activity, heart-rate, elevation changes and distance covered. This app is compatible with wearable android gadgets.


#4.  Runkeeper - GPS Track Run Walk

This app tracks your outdoor as well as indoor activities like running, hiking, walking and gym workouts. It has a very intuitive as well as the attractive interface. It periodically stores your data and displays it in form of graphs and statistics. It makes use of GPS tracking and logs details like distance covered, path and direction of your running route. It’s a perfect workout app just for you!

It pairs with the Bluetooth headphones so that you enjoy your favorite music while on the run, it also combines with various wireless sensors so that you don’t miss a thing while precisely quantifying your performance. It continuously tracks and logs your data so that you get a quick insight and easily analyze your performance graph. You can also store and synchronize all your workout routines at one place.


#5.  Running & Jogging

This app is only dedicated to running and slow-paced activities like jogging. It tracks the calories burnt while you run, and other information like the duration of your sprint, elevation changes, heart rate changes and the route you covered. It also has some useful tools like stopwatch, music player and running log.   

It has a variety of useful tools like BMI & BMR calculator, stopwatch, heart rate monitor and much more. It keeps a track of important data related to your workout like, the calories you burnt throughout the workout, the total distance you covered and your speeds throughout the circuit. It stores and displays this data so impressively that you can get an idea of your performance by just a glance.  


#6.  Sports Tracker Running Cycling

Sports tracker is one of the best brands in the industry, it has been around for years and has motivated athletes around the world. This app has all the functionalities an athlete needs for tracking performance. It tracks every outdoor activity like, running, hiking, skiing, jogging and even the workouts at the gym.

It has a calorie tracker which keeps a track of the calories you burnt throughout a session and throughout the day. It has a distance, speed and altitude tracker which tracks all the details relates to your activities. This app displays all the analyzed data in an easy to understand format, that is through graphs and well-organized statistics. It also has access to media player, so that you can listen to your favorite jam while working out.


#7.  Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker App

It is a step counter app as the name suggests, but wait there’s more. This app helps in keeping a track of the steps you took and amount of calories burnt throughout the day. It also keeps a track of the weight you lost and has a complete illustrative data for your weight at different stages of time. This app is totally dedicated to weight loss and fitness.

It has an accurate pedometer that calculates your steps with precision. It also has a powerful GPS that tracks the distance you cover and the route you travel. It has some more important tools like calorie counter, food diary, BMI & BMR calculators.


#8.  HIIT Trainer- GPS running & jogging tracker:

HIIT is not just a running tracker but it’s also a diet planner that is suitable for different goals, whether it's weight loss or management. It helps in keeping a log of your running, exercise, diet, calorie intake and much more.

It has a powerful GPS tracker that tracks your daily run and its daily macro-calculator helps in maintaining and keeping a track of everything you eat. It also contains a meal planner which helps in planning your meals accordingly. You can track your daily exercise & nutrient intake at a glance. It can be integrated with Google fit and S-health to synchronize and analyze your overall data. It’s a bit of both running as well as nutrition apps.


#9.  Start Running:

It is an app that’s only dedicated to running and has a powerful GPS tracker that keeps a track of the routes you use for running and analyzes your performance based on the amount of time you take while running through a specific distance. It contains a BMI & BMR calculator so that you can easily track your progress.

This app uses analytical tools like graphs, stats and charts to display your overall daily, weekly or monthly progress. It has a calorie tracker that helps you in keeping a precise track of calories burnt throughout the day. It has the access to the media player so that you can enjoy your favorite music while running and achieving your fitness goals.


#10.  Fitatu:

Fitatu is a fitness tracker app that tracks all your fitness activities like running, jogging and gym workouts. It is equipped with some outstanding features like macro-calculator, calorie counter, meal scheduler etc. It also has some unique features like you can synchronize it with Google Fit, Apple health etc. It assists you in the diet as well as workout routines.

It synchronizes automatically with apps like Google fit, apple health, Nike-run etc. Its database contains more than 500 exercises, however, you can add your own exercises and training sessions. With Fitatu, you can schedule up to 6 meals. It manages measurements, body weight and tracks progress over time.



Running is considered to be the best kind of cardiovascular exercise for people of all age groups. It keeps your heart healthy, circulation perfects and your body perfect. If you’re training for a goal then you must aim for precision and nothing’s more perfect than Run for Weight Loss by Mevo. This app made it to the first place on this list because it has every feature you can think of, in a running app. It sticks with you throughout your session and proves to be an ideal training partner, keep you motivated to loose weight and helps in enhancing the performance with every passing day.

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