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This should be your favorite app if you want Fast Weight Loss & Overall Fitness with a daily supply of professional & very effective tips on food, diet & workouts to build a perfect fit body full of energy & free from fats. This app will advise you on eating healthy foods by doing it yourself nutritional combinations to build your own food & diet plans that suit your body and preferences. If you follow the instructions in the Healthy 101 : Daily Tips for Health & Weight Loss, you would reduce your weight & get fit faster, in addition to any dietary or workout plans that you follow.


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You can also use weight charts with this app to track your progress with this best fitness tips guide, & it will be as effective on you if you are a female or male, whether beginner or seasoned, you will benefit immensely if you use this app rightly & daily with a focused mind. This is a full guide that provides you with tips on food, nutrition, fast food, restaurant food menus that are healthy, low calorie foods, diet plans, calories intake etc. & includes guidance on what kind of foods are healthier for you like chicken, whole wheat bread, salads, raw foods, & other amazing foods.


Following any regime on workout requires commitment & focus. This 101 Workout Fitness Tips app will help you get there fast and effectively by losing weight and gaining muscle & body mass for a fit looking body. If you do a workout for bodybuilding, it must show on your body, and this app provides you with many tips & articles to follow great workout routines & plans to build your body fast. You will get fit and stay fit with the help of this health and fitness trainer app with tips on exercises, plans, gym workout tips, weight training tips, gaining muscle tips, body fitness tips etc.


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Whether you are planning a trip to Miami/Vegas, holidaying in Caribbean or Maui, Hotel or Condo on beach, for marriage or new years, or vacationing with children for a fun blast in Disney, you will end up gaining weight, or you already have on your last visit, and now you need to lose weight fast – this is the app that will be your 101 guides to becoming the better – fitter you, soon. This app also links to some of the most effective & powerful ways to cook great & healthy recipes, track calories & food intake, workout and bodybuilding videos, workout or running for weight loss, or the mother of all fitness apps –Mevofit. You get the rewards section as well just like the in the Mevofit app so that you can purchase your favorite Mevofit fitness merchandise. Along with all this, you also get the excellent blog support where you can discover more about fitness and a social platform where you can meet fitness-minded people just like sharing their opinion and views about health.


Full Features of the App - Healthy 101 : Daily Tips for Health & Weight Loss


1. Best weight-loss tips

Losing weight is a difficult task with so much on your plate to take in like what to eat, which is the right exercise to do, how much to run etc. It gets overwhelming when you have too much to do to get back into shape and lose some weight, so here in this app, we understand your struggle and thus help you by giving you the right and proper guidance and tips on losing weight.


Healthy 101 - Weight Loss Tips


2. Best Tips on healthy food and diet plan

Healthy 101 tips is very focused on its agenda to help you stay fit and give the yummiest food to restrict those extra pounds so it only has non-fried, non-oily food that not only tastes exceptionally delicious but also has the lowest calories intake that there can be in plate full of protein, vitamins, essential amino acids etc to make your day. Find the best tips and methods to make a healthy diet plan.


Healthy 101 - Healthy Food and Diet Plan


3. Best tips on exercise and fitness routine

No need to go to the gym every day or every time you decide to exercise, and you do not need to pay any money to no one. This fitness trainer with its excellent tips will help you track & maintain your fitness every step up and build up an extremely healthy Mevo-lifestyle and get you in shape fast with perfect power & resistance for everyone from beginners to the experts of fitness clubs.


Healthy 101 - Exercise and Fitness Routine


4. Blog support

It all burns down to the support and services you get when you rely on anything for your health and fitness. So, in calorie counter app we give you the right support anyone might ever need, every possible tips and trick that there ever can be in our blog section. Browse through the health and weight-loss encyclopedia to increase your awareness and knowledge about fitness and weight-loss.


5. Credits to earn through the app

Finally, there is an app that pays you to get fit, all you have to do is earn credits by completing daily tasks on the Healthy 101: Daily Tips for Health & Weight Loss App. You can also refer the app to your friends to earn more rewards. To earn rewards all the tasks you need to do is log your exercise routine, food and drinks intake and your weight. Come daily to earn more credits, log your daily activities on the app and be more social to stay in the race of earning rewards which can be used to purchase cool merchandise.


6. Personalized profile

When you start using the app, a complete health chart is prepared for you. You get a customized health record exclusively for you to have a depth insight and regular check on your overall health and fitness levels over time and other health-related problems. It is easier to attain holistic health if you have a full record of your health over a period of time and to prevent any further ailment.


Healthy 101 - Personal Info


7. Go social

Why workout alone when there many other people trying to get into shape and are just like you. Be a part of an active community who targets to get as active and fit as you want to be. Share live status, learn from the experience of others, share your concerns and doubts on the community page with like-minded people. When all the fitness-minded people are socially active on this platform, then why are you not still participating, stay ahead and updated with the latest fitness trends and new tips and tricks to lead an active lifestyle.


8. Premium AD-free version

Ads are annoying. Aren't they? But we have to put them to help the app keep running and stay ahead in the queue of best apps. But in the premium version of the app, we have blocked all the ads for you to have a smooth, non-interrupting session. Now there won't be any disturbance in the course of your health and fitness session.


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9. Backup and Google, Facebook Login

How painful is it to lose all your data when you switch or lose your phone, your personalizations, records and everything, but your health and fitness is of utmost priority to us, thus we have kept all your data saved in your account, all you have to do is create an account or sign up using Google or Facebook to make sure that you never lose your data.


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10. Favorite section

Healthy Tips 101 comes with an option where you can save all your favorite exercises and blogs and tips, so that can easily revisit them without taking the pain to find them again and again. Simply mark all the stuff as your favorite or anything that you might find useful and you might want to try again.


How to use the App


1. Which type of Tips can I find in Healthy 101: Daily Tips for Health & Weight Loss?

You can find all type of health and fitness related tips. Some of the types of tips that are available are:

- Healthy dinner

- Healthy meal plan

- Body Psych

- Strength Traning

- bodybuilding and exercises

- Yoga Tips

- Motivational Tips

- Weight loss Tips


2. How do I save my favorite Tips?

If you like any recipe and would like to make it anytime soon, you save it to your favorite list just like a music playlist. Open the tips or page that you want to save, tap on the heart image in the right corner. You can view these tips anytime you want to and enjoy without taking the pain to find them again.


Healthy 101 - Favourites


3. How to use the social section of the mevofit app?

The social section is the way to be a part of active Mevofit community where you can post your any fitness related doubt. any fitness achievement or any other fitness related matter. Just open the social section and view the information and photos shared by other people in the community and stay connected.


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4. How to unlock all the fitness and health-related tips and content?

You can simply unlock all the health and fitness related content and tips & tricks by becoming a premium member of our app. There is a lot to discover and find the premium section of the app like you can access an unlimited number of tips and tricks without any ads, so no annoying ads between you and your health time.


5. How to buy Mevofit merchandise for free?

You can buy the Mevofit merchandise for free by redeeming your credit points that you have earned on Healthy 101 Tips app. You can keep earning the credits by using the app more and more, following the workout plans, being more social on the app and sharing it more and more. Shop the merchandise and in checkout step, you can redeem the credits to buy the merchandise.


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6. How to redeem the credits?

You can redeem the credits to purchase the cool range of Mevofit fitness range. All you have to do is earn lots of credits by following the workout plans, being more social and using the app more and more and then all you have to do is shop the merchandise and in checkout step, you can redeem the credits to buy the merchandise.


7. How to find more such health and fitness related apps?

We have a huge range of apps related to every health issue and fitness domain. You can find more such apps on "More Apps" section in the menu. So don't wait anymore to start working out and enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.


Healthy 101 - More Apps


8. How to earn more credits for Health 101 app by Mevofit?

You can earn credits on Mevofit in two ways. First, launching the app every day and browsing through the new content, being more social. Second, you can earn credits by referring Mevofit app to your friends and family and help them also get fit through Mevofit.


Healthy 101 - Credit Points


App Summary

This Healthy 101 : Daily Tips for Health & Weight Loss App is all about how to lose weight easily by eating right and the best tips and tricks on how to lose weight or simply how to lead a healthy lifestyle. This app will advise you on eating healthy foods by doing it yourself nutritional combinations to build your own food & diet plans that suit your body and preferences. If you follow the instructions in the Healthy Tips 101 App, you would reduce your weight & get fit faster, in addition to any dietary or workout plans that you follow. Want some more useful Health & FItness Apps? Try Diabetes Tracker App for your Android phone now.


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