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Lose Weight Fast: Healthy Diet & Workouts: MevoFit aims to simplify the process to get healthy, fit and rich. In order to make this goal easier, Mevofit has developed an all in one health management ecosystem with a brand new concept of earning while you get fit. Just follow the daily routine and log your daily activities to earn credits which you can use to redeem exclusive Mevofit merchandise and even a coll fitness band. This app is a great finding! It combines healthy food advice & works out plans so nicely. Calorie counting is lifesaving! The app helps you to change your view on health regime completely. It is your personal trainer coach which will transform your physical training workouts & exercise. Mevofit is an amazing, best free weight loss app with calories tracker, extreme fitness exercises, running, & gym workout routines tracker, healthy recipes, workout challenges & more for quicker weight loss at home & gym.


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We have rolled out specialist 'mission-based' health & fitness apps that help in making the maximum bang in minimal concentrated efforts. Many of such apps have taken the market on fire like Comprehensive Mevofit App, Gym & Home Workouts App, Healthy Recipes App, Run for Weight Loss, etc. Mevofit combines all your health related issues in a technical way by making a virtual personal fitness Assistant-cum-coach for you which can fit right in your screen. All it took us to deeply research on weight-losing methods and weight-loss diet planning and finding the best low- calorie, delicious, healthy recipes to help you become strong and fit from inside out.


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Mevofit comes with a complete range of every kind of exercise and fitness routine, any gym trainer can ever teach you. Plan your weight loss journey with right exercise according to your weight-loss goals, get the customized exercise schedule with instructions, meal plan and lots of tips and tricks on how to lose weight fast and easily. Mevofit will log your daily activity track with the total number of steps you have taken, the number of calories left to be burned, reminding you to drink water so that you too can track your weight-loss plan and give your best to reach the fitness level that you have always wanted to do. You can make custom fat-burning, detoxifying drinks by mixing and matching different ingredients to get your perfect fit. Go through an extensive list of fitness blogs to find just the right information you need to know everything about fitness, exercises and healthy diet and weight-loss food and drinks. Discover more mix and match dishes, custom exercise plan and much more through premium services to unlock fitness features to keep you going. All this when combined makes Mevofit the perfect fit for a perfect fitness coach.


Full Features of App - Lose Weight Fast: Healthy Diet & Workouts: MevoFit

1. Personalized Weight-loss challenge and Performance check

Begin your weight-loss plan with a challenge to keep you motivated and stay right on the track and the place where you keep on working hard to achieve the weight or the fitness you aimed for. Just go the challenges corner, chose the pre-designed challenges for a to create your own fitness challenge and start working hard to burn the extra calories. You can view your detailed performance chart on stats icons in the top right corner of the app.

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2. Calorie Counter

Mevofit can accurately count the number of footsteps you have taken and the calories you have burnt, and the calories burnt in exercising when you log them, giving you a precise exact image of the hard work you have done. You can also count the number of calories you have consumed by logging your meals in log food, drinks section. The calorie count counter gives the exact count of calories to help you workout better.


3. Recipes, Diet plans, Food Tips, Calorie Choices

Mevofit is the home to all the possible healthy, low-calorie, low-fat, weight-loss diet plan and recipes. You can choose from hundreds of salad recipes, soup recipes, drinks, weight-loss drinks recipes. Healthy food is what accelerates the weight-loss process and Mevofit has some diet-plans for every type of weight-loss challenge and person. You can also create a custom diet plan and count the number of calories in your custom diet to track your calories intake.


Lose Weight Fast - Recipes, Plans, Food Tips, Calorie Choices


4. Food, drink, exercise log

Weight-loss is not too difficult a task if you have a constant and proper monitoring on your diet and eating habits along with the comparison between the number of calories that need to be burnt and the number of calories you are burning. So, when you log your exercise schedule, eating routine and the drinks you are consuming, we count the number of calories you are consuming and the number of calories you are burning, so to help you stay on the track of designated calorie intake per day to make weight-loss easier.


5. Exercise, Workout Plans, Yoga and Workout Tips

It is very difficult to find the right exercises and complete workout plan to lose weight according to your body type and requirements, so in Mevofit we provide you the best exercise routine for you according to your body type and your weight-loss plan. You don't need to pay a gym trainer anymore to find the perfect exercise plan, all you have to do is log in on Mevofit and find hundreds of workout plans with a tutorial, right Yoga poses and lots of exercise tips, do's and dont's to lose weight faster.


6. Mevofit Drive

Mevofit comes with a personalized fitness band which you can synchronize with the Mevofit app to record and monitor your data and fitness. Mevofit -Fitness Tracker Bands features:

  • Steps Tracker
  • Running (Jog) Tracker
  • Distance Tracker
  • Calories Burnt Tracker
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Sedentary Tracker
  • Heart Rate Tracker (In Mevofit Bands like Slim H, Bold, Ultra and NOT in Drive, Slim, & Scale)
  • GPS Tracker (In Ultra)
  • BMI / BMR (In Scale)


Lose Weight Fast - Mevofit Drive


7. Credit and Fitness rewards

Finally, there is an app that pays you to get fit, all you have to do is earn credits by completing daily tasks on the Mevofit app. You can also refer the app to your friends to earn more rewards. To earn rewards all the tasks you need to do is log your exercise routine, food and drinks intake and your weight. Come daily to earn more credits, play simple quizzes on the app and be more social to stay in the race of earning rewards which can be used to purchase cool merchandise.


Lose Weight Fast - Credits


8. Premium section

Mevofit comes with an exclusive premium section where you can find yourself in a pool with access to unlimited custom exercises, weight-loss recipes, tips, information, support,weight-loss community and lot more to help you keep going on getting fit. You can unlock various other premium services when you go premium on Mevofit and experience a personal revolution when you have the information, help, and motivation to get fit without paying huge amounts to a personal trainer or gym coach.


Lose Weight Fast - Premium


9. Social and live status sharing

Why run alone when there many other people trying to get into shape and are just like you. Be a part of an active community who targets to get as active and fit as you want to be. Share live status, learn from the experience of others, share your concerns and doubts on the community page with like-minded people.


10. Running challenge and record

Running is considered as a whole and complete exercise to lose weight, but it requires continuous, uniform efforts from your side. Set your watch and start running. But is it enough? Running without measuring your performance and calorie count, is it of any use? Set your running goals on Mevofit with the provision to measure your daily performance.


How to use the App


1. How to start a new fitness challenge to burn fat faster and view performance?

Starting a new fitness challenge is quite easy on the Mevofit app. Just select the challenges option from the menu at the bottom of the app. You can select various pre-defined challenges that are a basic part of any workout routine or weight-loss challenge. You can also make your own challenge by filling the fields in the challenge section.


Lose Weight Fast - Challenges


2. How to use the social section of the Mevofit app?

The social section is the way to be a part of active Mevofit community where you can post your any fitness related doubt. any fitness achievement or any other fitness related matter. Just open the social section and view the information and photos shared by other people in the community and stay connected.


Lose Weight Fast - Social


3. How to earn more credits on Mevofit?

You can earn credits on Mevofit through two ways. First, completing the daily tasks like creating the everyday log, being more social on the app in a daily basis, playing quizzes, becoming a premium member, completing daily exercise challenges and following the recipe database. Second, you can earn credits by referring Mevofit app among your friends and family and help them also get fit through Mevofit.


4. How to redeem the credit points?

Once you have earned the sufficient number of credits, you can use them to redeem exclusive Mevofit merchandise such as Gym gear, t-shirts, bags, Mevofit gear and lots more. You can buy this all without paying anything, absolutely free just by credits on the Mevofit app.


5. How to log food, exercise, drinks, and weight on Mevofit?

You can log your daily meal, drinks to track your calories intake by selecting the "+" button on the right section of your app. There you can also log the exercises you are performing and weight time to time to track your performance and the results. You can easily log all the information just by filling the details regularly.


Lose Weight Fast - Log Food, Exercises, Drinks and Weight


6. How to start a running challenge?

To start a new running challenge, start the running meter just before you start running to log your daily running records. Just click on run section in the bottom menu to start your running challenge. You can also view your running record in this same section.


Lose Weight Fast - Set Goals


7. What the services included in the premium section of the app?

The premium sections hold a variety of services that are life-savers for those who are looking for a complete fitness solution. Following are the services in the premium section:

  • Diet Plans
  • More Healthy low-calorie
  • Calorie choices to get more healthy eating ideas
  • Tips and tricks for staying fit and to easily lose weight
  • Juice Bar, to create custom health drink according to your choices
  • Custom Exercises, create your own exercise routine using our workout database
  • Unlock all paid Strength exercises
  • Premium workout plan and tips
  • Custom food maker


8. How is Mevofit band useful and how to get it?

Mevofit Fitness Tracker Bands Features:

Steps Tracker

Running (Jog) Tracker

Distance Tracker

Calories Burnt Tracker

Sleep Tracker

Sedentary Tracker

Heart Rate Tracker (In Mevofit Bands like Slim H, Bold, Ultra and NOT in Drive, Slim, & Scale)

GPS Tracker (In Ultra)

BMI / BMR (In Scale)

It helps to track all your physical activities to help you stay in shape. You can purchase it online from Mevo shop from


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9. How to earn more through the app?

The more you use the app and the more you refer the app to other people, the more you earn on the Mevofit app. You can check your credits on Mevo app in the credits section.


10. How to find the right exercises and meal plan on Mevofit?

Lose Weight Fast: Healthy Diet & Workouts: MevoFit is the home to all the healthy recipes and weight-loss diet plan in the world. You can find every possible type of exercise on the Mevofit app. Go to the food and workout section to explore all the meal and exercise plans. You can also find more information on the blogs section on the Mevofit app.

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