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You don’t know what your body is designed for. Weight Lifting is the best things in life that we’ve discovered so far and we are proud to be a part of it. The initial phase of bodybuilding is stimulating. First, it feels like dying then you feel reborn. 

It’s always way more than just lifting! 

For some people, are not just about lifting heavy and gaining muscles. It’s merely an antidepressant therapy for the powerlifters. 

An attractive physique is an everlasting dream for everyone. A true workout trainer and a fitness coach that guides you through Bodybuilding & Fitness training videos for every muscle group. Presenting top 10 apps for bodybuilding workouts. 

#1. Gym Workouts Videos of Bodybuilding Gym Exercises:



This app is the crown jewel of Migital. It is your true workout trainer as well as fitness coach which guides you, using videos of Bodybuilding & Fitness training of every muscle group. It guides you with smallest of details that are often ignored, like sets, reps, rest between sets, etc.

You can download Gym Workouts Videos of Bodybuilding Gym Exercises from Google Play Store.

A. This app gives you goal specific training routines, whether you want to be like swole like bodybuilders or lean like aesthetic models.
B. It has training videos by professional athletes for Major muscle groups (Chest, Lats, Core, Arms, and Quadriceps) as well as for minor muscle groups like (Calves, Serratus, Traps, Rear Deltoids, etc.)
C. This wonderful app includes challenges for keeping you motivated. Contains body-weight exercises so that you don't have to head to the gym for workout sessions.
D. It allows you to download the workout videos and it's task and workout scheduler makes sure that you stay right on the track and follow your fitness regime with a strict discipline.


#2.  Pro Gym Workout :

This is a personal trainer in your pocket it contains detailed information of Sets, Reps, Duration to help you reach your fitness goals. It contains both home workouts or gym workouts using goal-oriented workout routines and training programs.

It is completely offline, no internet connection is required. Contains tools like BMI calculator & macro counter. It also has workout planner, meal planner and you can also schedule your workout routine with it.

#3.  Home Workout :

It provides exercises for all major muscle groups. Depending on your needs, you get workout routines to grow muscles and keep up with your fitness regime at home, without even going to gym. No equipment or coach needed, all exercises can be done with just your body-weight.

Provides standard warm-up and stretching routines, it records training progress automatically. The chart allows you to track your weight trends &guides with detailed video and animations.

#4.  Gym Coach - Workouts:

Gym Coach is your compact personal workout and fitness trainer. It'll be your partner in helping you to reach your fitness goals and improve endurance, strength, muscle quality. You can even use it to count the calories you burn as part of your fitness program.

This app has different workout routines for different physique goals like a Bulky Body, Aesthetic Figure or A lean physique. Each category has different workout and diet guidelines. It even contains a calorie counter.


#5.  Body Building Trainer:

Body Building Trainer is yet another workout scheduler/ planner which contains a video/animated guide so as to improve your posture and workout form. Body Building Trainer is Suited for multiple fitness goals.

It contains useful tools like BMI calculator, weight tracker, and calorie counter so that you stay focused and disciplined. It has a large variety of workout routines which are tailor-made for all your fitness goals


#6.  Fitness & Bodybuilding:

 This app will assist you in achieving great results in a short duration of time. It allows you to create your own workout schedule that fits your needs. Moreover, Fitness & Bodybuilding has a large database of exercises suited for every muscle group. It contains a detailed description and video for every exercise. This app also provides workout plans for bodybuilding, power-lifting and aesthetics.

It helps you in keeping a log of schedule, weight, reps of every workout session. It suits all your fitness needs by providing guidance on different fitness disciplines. It has a calorie counter, workout planner and you can add custom schedules as per your need.


#7.  Gym Workout Tracker & Trainer for weight lifting:

This app tracks everything that you do for your fitness needs. It is equipped with tools like BMI calculator, Weight tracker, calorie counter. You can manage your custom workout schedules as well as plan your meals accordingly. This app meets all your fitness needs.

It has BMI calculator, calorie counter, weight tracker, workout scheduler and meal planner. It briefs you about the sets, reps, schedule for each workout session depending on your physique needs.

#8.  30 Days Fitness & Bodybuilding:

30 Days Fitness & Bodybuilding is a fitness-focused app with progressive workout routines. It provides workout plans for domains, like bodybuilding, calisthenics, and power-lifting. Exercise intensity increases step by step, so that you progress with time.

The Instructions are presented in the form of text, Graphics and videos. All workout routines target major muscle groups, It's database contains hundreds of workout schedules.

#9.  Fitatu:

Fitatu is a fitness tracker app with some outstanding features like macro-calculator, calorie counter, meal scheduler etc. It also has some unique features like you can synchronize it with Google Fit, Apple health etc. It assists you in diet as well as workout routines.

It synchronizes automatically with apps like Google fit, apple health, nike-run etc. It's database contains more than 500 exercises, however you can add your own exercises and training sessions. With Fitatu, you can schedule up to 6 meals. It manages measurements, body weight and tracks progress over time.

#10.  Lark-24/7 Health Coach:

It's a 24/7 fitness coach that is tailor-made for all your fitness needs. It helps you in building healthy eating habits and assists you to get more active, stress less, and live a healthier life. Lark coach shares your progress weekly and works with you to adjust your plan to fit your lifestyle.

It automatically monitors your exercise, weight and other health & fitness data. It doesn't need wearable sensors, it uses low power phone sensors instead. This app synchronizes your data with Google Fit so you can manage all your health data and analyze it better. Although it's free to use, but the premium features like 12 week weight loss programs are paid.

Bodybuilding is the sport only meant for the dedicated ones. You'll get the desired results only when you're dedicated and disciplined enough to follow a strict bodybuilding routine. While other apps in the app market make false claims to transform your body in a matter of weeks, and all they have is an array of redundant exercises for Gym Workouts and Bodybuilding Videos. Gym Exercise proves to be your true workout partner with its top of the class features like animated exercise guides, workout scheduler and offline access. This is the reason why it is the #1 among all other fitness apps for bodybuilding. It is not just a fitness tracker or health tracker but a complete gym workout solution for all those muscle heads out there.

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