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A smartphone without a good camera is useless, and so is a good camera without a great image editing tool. Pictures have no meaning without effects. This App helps in adding meaning to your PICS! Photo FX: Photo Editor - Collage, Frames & Effects” is a free Photo Editor, Drawing Tool, Photo Grid, Collage Maker & more. It’s a one-stop shop for all your artistic & editing needs, which helps you to easily beautify your regular Pics! Make your every photo more dramatic, more interesting and fun. Photo designing is a passion...& Now you don't need to wait any longer to make your own photo lab or photo art studio... Just Download this Perfect Photo App!


Photo Editor - Fun & Powerful Tool to Enhance & Add style to any photo!
Collage Maker - Collages in photo grids, free form, or with photos in the background.
Social Network - Easily share your images with your friends & loved ones!
Here's the All New 'PHOTO FX' the One Box with many Apps in a simple interface!

One App that's enough to take care of all your Editing Needs, no need for multiple Apps!


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What’s Special?

NOW, achieve outstanding, DSLR-like results in a matter of seconds!

? Rich & Intelligent functions

? Fast & Smooth Performance

? Clear & Intuitive design

? Fully Loaded Features

? Phone Resource-friendly

? Great Multi-functional Editor!

Make your every photo more dramatic more interesting and more beautiful with all the great features that a camera app can ever have. It is not only a photo editor it's all in one app that has a collage maker with a complete editing package where you can add beautiful borders frames, greetings, Clipart, effects, layouts, background filters and everything you can ever think of in all your images. Photo Magix is a rich and intelligent app which is extremely easy to use loaded with exciting features.


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Just tap on photo Magix and start creating lifelong and beautiful memories that will stay with you forever, create collages your favorite photos and share them social media platform with one touch on this amazing photo editor app. Easily adjust any tone or effect in your images either directly by clicking the photos through photo Magix camera or by editing your gallery images.

Who says you have to be a professional photoshop editor or a photographer to create beautiful images we believe that anyone can create amazing photos and click as many beautiful selfies as a phone can fit. With photo Magix image editor you can edit any image without any coding or photoshop simply drag and drop the clip arts, modes and apply the effects that appeal you the most. And hey, don't worry about them getting lost because now you can directly save them on your drive in through this app. This online free image editor gives serious selfie goals to all the people out there and it's your turn now to create stunning stylish beautiful selfies with any regular camera phone. Still craving for some more features, well we have a huge endless list of features in the latest photo editor and collage maker app, let's find out all the great features that this photo editor app contains.


Full Smart Photo App Feature - Photo FX: Photo Editor


Incredibly easy to use, yet highly powerful & offers multiple options to customize your pics!

1. Collage - Easily Custom design collage for FB cover pic! Share the collection of your best collection with everyone, the best memories in one frame. It is extremely easy to create a collage with this best photo editor and that too completely free, customize your collage further with special themes and borders to make it more awesome.


Photo FX - Menu Options


2. Borders & Frames - A beautiful border and frame add more definition and liveliness to an image and we have tons of creative borders & frames to choose from! Click the image, apply filters to make it more interesting and beautiful and edit the image your way and your photo with beautiful borders and effects is ready.

3. Greetings - Want to wish your loved ones their birthday, anniversary, or your warm wishes in a special and fun way, send them picture greetings to show your love for them. Picture Magix has so many predefined templates to wish your loved ones with Cool Cards!


Photo FX - Greetings


4. ClipArt - Edit your Pics to your own style & desire with Amazing Art options! Photo Magix image editor has so many cool cliparts to add to your favorite photos to make them more interesting and way cooler. Simply click the photo or open an image from the gallery and start adding cool cliparts to your images.


Photo FX - Pro Tool


5. Effects - Effects are the most essential part of photo editing and we have made sure that you have tons of beautiful effects to choose from. Beautify any normal image or click an image with your desired effects to create stunning and extraordinary photos without actually needing a DSLR camera, the Photo Magix can do that for you with a regular camera phone. Multiple beautifying effects, Stardom, Ghost, Paper, Pop color, Nature & Color!


Photo FX - Real Photo Fun


6. Layouts - Apply different layouts to different images and make them more beautiful and more appealing as you get more than 50 predefined layouts or create your own. Click and create photos with this amazing photo editor app.

7. Backgrounds - Background is just as important as the image, it is noticed before someone sees the actual photo. Photo Magix image editor has a full range of backgrounds to choose different backgrounds that fit your photo/image perfectly. There are so many many background colors and patterns to use!


Photo FX - Muti Functional App


8. Filters - A photo editor app without filters is just as useless as anything, we have collected handpicked perfect filters to make your photos stunning and more attractive. Open the camera in Photo Magix app and start creating your favorites selfie pose with Many filters to enhance your photos!


Photo FX - Color Effect


9. Multiple Sources - Want to directly pick and edit photos from your social media account? No problems, You can pick photos directly from any platform and use them to create beautiful collages images. Use photo Magix to create Magical photos directly from your Camera Gallery, FB, Picasa or Flickr account.

10. Magix Cam – Leave that traditional camera app behind and switch a better and featured Photo Magix camera which creates magical photos automatically with effects, backgrounds, layouts and other various features. Click beautiful selfies and pics with this amazing magical camera.


Photo FX - Magical Tool Box


11. My Gallery - Love your old photos and want to give them a new touch but don't know how? Just open Photo Magix app and start editing your old photos from gallery to give them a new look and feel and recreate the Magix of old photos. Photo Magix illustrates all the recently clicked pics from the gallery & allows Editing!

12. Online Pickup- One simple step to collect all your favorite photos from your social media account and share your Magix photos on social media too. Simply, login & get all your pics from FB, Picasa & Flickr! How simple can this be? Enjoy editing your favorite photos and never stop taking stunning selfies.

Makes you look like a pro, even if you’ve never edited a photo before!


How to use the App


1. How to add a clipart using Photo Magix image editor?

To add a clip art go to the camera app on the menu below and click on stuff. In the Stuff section, you can find various Clipart like Monster Clipart, fun clipart, baby Clipart and so many other Clipart in your photo and make it more fun and interesting. Go ahead and sweet making using these cliparts.


Photo FX - Clip Art


2. How to add effects to my selfie?

To add effects to your selfie, you can go to the menu at the bottom and select effects from the menu. There are various options and effects to choose from you can add any effect that you like the most and start creating stunning photos with amazing effects and flaunt them on your Facebook.


Photo FX - One Touch Beautifier


3. How to add a border to my photo in my gallery?

To add borders to any photo from the gallery just go to the menu and select borders and frames. Mix and match in try all that cool frames and borders and select the one that suits your photo the most and that's all you need to do apply borders and frames to your photos from gallery.


Photo FX - Add Border


4. How to find greetings and share them on Photo Magix?

To send a greeting to anyone, click on the greeting section on the right menu and click on greetings. Under the greetings section, you can find various categories of greetings for any occasion and you can easily share these greetings with anyone you like to share.


Photo FX - Greeting Cards


5. How to create a collage of all my facebook images?

You can create a collage either from gallery or from your social media page like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. To create a collage, click on the grid option in the photo Magix app and choose the type of collage and select Facebook or gallery collect the photos and create a collage from your selected photos.


Photo FX - Collage


6. How to share the photos created by Photo Magix on social media?

To share a photo that your social media account select the photo that you want to share click on the share button and select the desired medium. That's how you can share your photo Magix selfie and stun new friends and family social media with one click with your amazing selfies and photos.


Photo FX - Share Photo


7. How to take HD quality photos using Photo Magix app?

To take HD quality photos with your smartphone using photo Magix app, go to the camera in photo Magix app and click on modes and select HD option from the menu. This mode is specially designed to take the clear high definition from a camera.

8. How to choose modes in Photo Magix app?

There are various modes to choose from in the photo Magix app. To select a particular mode go to the menu in the camera section and click on modes. Try different modes by clicking on them and create stunning images to edit your photos in your own way.


Photo FX - Different Modes



Photo FX: Photo Editor - Collage, Frames & Effects is a photo editing app for smartphones which can be used to create stunning images and to take beautiful selfies with various beautifying effects, layouts, and custom clipart objects. With Photo FX app, you would love to recreate your old photos with lively effects and editing. Create a beautiful collage of all your favorite photos in one direction from your social media account or from your phone's gallery. With the Photo Magix keeps creating beautiful memories and keep sharing them with your friends and family. Want some more useful Photography Apps? Try Collage Magix App for your Android/Apple phone now.


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