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Use this superb Battery Saver & Phone Booster - Fast Clean Phone App to save $$$ on your Phone DATA & WiFi Costs without hampering your usage! We love using apps of all kind, shopping, gaming, lifestyle, news etc because who likes to use the websites anymore and they consume a lot of mobile data and battery. We often run out of battery and space while capturing some precious moments in life or our mobile phone often become slow and unresponsive while playing our favorite games and the struggle to find which app to uninstall to install a new app is too real. Well, there are so many problems we deal on a daily basis because we don't have memory and RAM cleaner app which can make our phones run faster and smoother while saving your phone's battery giving a optimum performance.


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Battery Saver & Phone Booster app frees up RAM & Lags and it delivers high performance so that you can effortlessly all anything that you love on your mobile be it watching videos, paying our bills or playing games without having to worry that other apps might steal your personal information since with this app you can the app permission for every doubtful app. This battery saver and phone booster app is a one box solution with all optimizing tools and we have something extra for the rooted users. Now, easily save maximum battery & boost speed. What's more, well now you can now juice your Phone's Battery to the maximum potential which is equal to a fully charged Spare Battery or more meanwhile keeping your apps synchronized & Data/WiFi active, you also get active Email, FB, WhatsApp, Line, & WeChat updates on this app. This app is basically your assistant at work, everything is automated here, also it does not break the apps, and there is no manual interference required, you will find it extremely and truly Dependable since it does not hamper your usage and man, there are some real action behind the scenes to guarantee the performance & it delivers the compelling results.


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Automate your complete process this multi-talented battery saver and memory cleaner, it has so many amazing features that you will never have to install multiple apps to keep your phone up to maximum performance. This app won't fail to meet your expectations if you want to either speed up the performance of your slow phone or if you have tired of finding the power socket at every place you go because this app is specially made to make your phone's battery run all day long by terminating junk processes and inactive apps and freeing your phone's RAM and making the freed space available to other apps. Battery Saver & Phone Booster app not only cleans your phone really fast but it also has so many other safety features and protects your phone by blocking the apps that try to break into your phone's security. Say goodbye to those useless and frustrating apps that do not boost your phone but only make it slower and consumes the hell lot of battery themselves instead of saving it.


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Full features of the Battery Saver and Phone Booster App

1. Cache Cleaner – This Phone booster and battery saver app make sure that your phone's entire cache memory is set to zero all the time, so you don't have to worry about the excess memory that is occupied by the apps unnecessarily which is only making your phone slow and eating up all the memory of your phone.


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2. History Cleaner – Now, your browsing history can be a very dangerous thing, anyone can extract crucial information like payment details or other sensitive information from your phone. Mobile booster and Battery saver app clean all your browsing history without leaving behind any trail to let any app to steal any of your information in one simple touch.

3. Task Killer – How frustrating is it when you want to play a game but your phone hangs too much or when you have to multitask between your work in your mobile but your apps won't run and hang a lot, that is because your phone's RAM is occupied by junk apps, kill them all with this amazing battery saver and phone booster app easily and enjoy a seamless performance.


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4. System Info – It is very embarrassing when some nerd asks you about your phone's details and gets seriously into all the technical stuff and the exact specifications of your phone. Well, don't worry because you can show off your knowledge about your phone be it hardware or software info using this great phone booster app.


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5. Smart Modes - Battery saver and Phone booster app not only cleans your phone super fast but comes with various modes like :

Smart Modes

? Original – Back to Original Phone Battery Mode

? Schedule – Save loads of Battery>Allows Data Syncing only at Set Time!

? Extended – Save extra loads of Battery>Sync Data only when on Screen ON

? Supreme – Save Max Battery>Sync gets ON, only for Selected Apps


Auto Modes

? Boost – Sync Data & Stay Connected with Minimum Battery Use!

? Boost + – Crucial Battery Usage! Smart Data Sync based on Battery!

6. Exciting features for rooted users: Our users who have rooted their mobiles phones can do something that other users can't. Rooted Users', u guys are Geeks & demand extremes> Here's the special more powerful punch, you guys so much drool for! Download & Explore-



Battery Saver & Phone Booster - App Manager


App Firewall

? Identify Resource Hungry Apps!

? Enable/Disable/Restrict them from Auto Start!


Data Firewall

? Effective Data Management for your Phone

? Restrict Apps to Allow/Disallow Data!


Battery Saver & Phone Booster - Modes

7. App Permissions – An app requires several permissions to be granted to it during installation to help it run properly but there are several permissions which the app doesn't need sometimes, and often tend to steal your information through that, so make sure that next you have a strict check on what other apps have the permission and to control and restrict them

8. Apps2SD – As the phone's built-in memory is increasing rapidly with every new version, so is our ever increasing memory requirements and often fall low on disk memory space on our phones. Now move all your data and those amazing thousands of pics that you might not want to delete with one touch into another drive or on your SD card.


Battery Saver & Phone Booster - Apps to SD


9. Batch Uninstaller – You want to go for movies, download the app and book movies, download the app and order groceries or clothes, or watch shows on apps and so much. With everything pretty much available on apps, our phones often become a storehouse of such useless apps which we feel too lazy to uninstall manually, in Battery saver and Phone booster app, uninstall all such junk apps in a batch at one go.

10. Health Alerts – We all love those virtual actions and adventure games with out of box graphics and animations that take the gaming experience to a whole new level. Sadly such apps consume high RAM, DATA, CPU, etc. which makes slower and it is difficult to run other apps. Luckily, Batter saver & Phone Booster app is there to alert you about all those apps and to terminate them when not in use and make that space available for other apps.


How to use the App



1. How to uninstall multiple apps in Battery Saver & Phone Booster app?

Go to the Phone Optimizer >> App Manager section in your Battery Saver & Phone Booster app and tap on Batch uninstaller from the menu. Select the apps that you want to uninstall and are no longer useful to you. Hit the Uninstall button at the bottom of the page. That's how you can easily uninstall multiple apps at once.


Battery Saver & Phone Booster - Batch Uninstaller


2. How to check the RAM consumption in the phone and kill all the unnecessary apps?

2. How to check the RAM consumption on the phone and kill all the unnecessary apps?
Go to the Phone Optimizer >> App Manager section in your Battery Saver & Phone Booster app, tap on RAM Booster, there you can see the chart showing the current status of the RAM space, click the boost button to kill all the apps.


Battery Saver & Phone Booster - Boost RAM


3. How to prevent the app from killing any particular app?

If you want any particular app to keep running throughout the day and don't want to kill it, you can easily do that, just go to the Phone Optimizer >> RAM Booster section in your Battery Saver & Phone Booster app, tap on RAM Booster and select Auto Booster option from there, and you can set various settings there, like the apps you to get killed or not, auto booster on/off and so on, Idle cleaning.


Battery Saver & Phone Booster - Auto Booster


4. How to clean the cache of the phone using the Battery Saver & Phone Booster app?

You can delete all the cache memory in this app easily. Just click Phone Optimizer >> App Manager section in your Battery Saver & Phone Booster app, tap on System cleaner option. Click on Cache Cleaner in this section, the app will show the apps which are filling up the cache section, to clean it, just hit the "ALL CLEAN" button, and your cache memory will be deleted.


Battery Saver & Phone Booster - Clean Cache


5. How to use the task killer in the Battery Saver & Phone Booster app?

Apps take up most of the space of your RAM even when they are not operational and they are not in use since they run in the background and consumes the RAM space making your app slower. To kill all those background apps, go to phone optimizer>>system cleaner>>task killer. Or additionally, you can select kill all to automatically kill all idle and background apps.

6. How to schedule a health alert on the app?

If you often forget to run a health check-up on your phone and get it's health status to keep it performing at a top-notch speed, you can schedule a health check-up alert which will help you know when you need to clean your phone, delete all the cache memory and kill the tasks which are making your phones low and making it run on low-disk space. To schedule a health alert, go menu at left and go to Health Alert and set your preferences there.


Battery Saver & Phone Booster - Health Alert


7. How to use a battery optimizer to make battery run longer?

There are several modes which you can use to save battery and make it run longer. Since everyone has different requirements so you get different modes with different functionalities. Go to Battery Optimizers>>Current Mode in your Battery saver & Phone booster app under which you can find Original, Basic, Schedule, Extended, Supreme, Auto Modes with custom needs. These modes are designed to save battery all type of users. You can find all the information about them in this section and accordingly chose your mode to save your battery.


Battery Saver & Phone Booster - How to use Battery Optimizer


8. How do I set/unset battery saver and other notifications?

You can edit the notification for all functions in Battery saver & Phone Booster app. Go to the menu at the left of your app and go to settings in the menu. Under the settings section, you can find the option to add/remove notification for battery and health status and other various notifications.

9. What is touch Boost?

One touch boost is a step useful way to save maximum battery and kill all the idle to boost your phone's performance and to make it faster. It cleans cache, history, Junk files, cookies. It also cleans RAM consuming and background apps. It is your one-touch way to clean your phone and make your phone's performance to the optimum.


Battery Saver & Phone Booster - Touch bots


10. How to move apps into SD card and set apps permission on Battery saver app?

You can move your apps to SD card to free memory space and set permissions for apps in App Manager section in Phone optimizer section. To move apps in SD card, select Apps to SD option, select all the apps that you want to move into your Sd card and select move. Similarly, go to Apps permission to and select the apps to view their permission and app info.


Battery Saver & Phone Booster - App Permissions

How to use the App

Save your Phone's battery and maximize your phone's performance through this RAM clear and memory booster app which cleans all junk files and cache automatically. It kills all the idle, sleeping apps optimizes your phone's battery which makes your phone's battery run longer and all throughout the day. Battery saver and Phone Booster App will make your phone faster by freeing the RAM of the phone and increasing the speed of your phone with extra security features which will safeguard your data on your phone. Want some more useful Tool Apps? Try App Lock & Gallery Hider App for your Android/Apple phone now.


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