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Underworld sure sounds like a tempting place with glamour, money & power. Have you ever fantasized about being the ruler of such an Underworld? Here is your chance to become the undisputed king of this devil realm. Stealing in a real world is a bad idea but in a virtual game where no one gets hurt is definitely something on our mind right now. Enjoy the thrill and adventure you get when you have to steal from a museum with exceptionally high-security standards. How will you manage to escape without getting noticed, how to enter, from where to enter, what to steal, from where to steal, how to steal, how to escape, this Theft Master game is all about all this, the adventure and stealing saga cannot get bigger than this. Be a part of the glamorous saga where you are the king of the underworld and plan all the mass stealing. Treat yourself to an amazingly surreal experience where you are the ultimate villain and supposed to flourish your underworld business by trading the most precious articles after stealing them from the safest museum in the world.

Theft Master - Splash


Think twice before you go ahead! It won't be easy to get this title. You have to steal the most precious antiques around the world. These antiques are kept safely in high-security museums. It's your quest now to steal those collectibles. Plan ahead, plan again it will be a scandal of a lifetime and you cannot leave behind any clue for anyone, be a perfect criminal for a perfect crime. Keep playing as we have created the unlimited number of fun and suspense-filled thrilling levels for you to keep you entertained and addicted to this theft game. Win amazing rewards and bonus when you win every level with your exceptional skills and escaping techniques to steal the world's most precious items.


Theft Master - Unleash the theif


Don't be surprised when anyone can catch you red-handed in the middle of your theft session as there are many suspense elements which can come any time during the game, be careful chappy. You have to be very careful as the security guards and the secret safety equipment are on their service to keep all the artifacts and the precious museum items safe and secure. Beware of the laser light which can cut anything that comes in contact, you need escape them and make sure you never touch them. Play in different modes according to the difficulty level, as there comes a survival stage where an uncountable number of difficulties are in your way to becoming the master of theft world.

Are you the swift and stealthy one who will steal the most valuable antiques and become...

'The Theft Master'

Full features of the App : The Theft Master

1. Most adventurous and thrilling experience: Theft master is a game completely harmless game that will make an overnight star in the virtual underworld world and give you all the riches. BE ready for a thrilling robbery experience which you have plot, plan and execute to steal the most expensive articles.


Theft Master - Quick Moves


2. Non-stop excitement with 450 thrilling levels! : Fun should never stop and so does serious business, be it stealing from a world-class museum. We have created 450 thrilling levels in Theft master game so that you can keep playing long and long. There is no limit to becoming a master of crime in this ultimate challenging game.

3. Most difficult survival game: Keep challenging yourself more and more in this thriller crime game where you move up and face more difficult challenges in each level as you try on different modes in this game. It will get extremely difficult as you thrive to survive in the survival mode.


Theft Master - Defeat & Dodge


4. Reach your aim by dodging deadly lasers, Electric current, and much more: You have to watch out your each and every step as there is danger everywhere. The invisible laser lights are so deadly that can cut anything; the electric lights are there to give a major shock to everyone who even tries to touch the expensive artifacts. So many suspense and hidden danger, so be careful.


Theft Master - Reach your Aim


5. Create mind-boggling strategies to get through the most complex security systems: Creating and making plans is the only lifesaver you have. Fool everyone with your cunning, foolproof plans, act swiftly and quickly to make sure no one can see you or no lasers can touch you. Leave no loopholes in getting caught behind as you are on your own in this robbery scandal.

6. Unexpected twists will keep you glued to your mobile screen: There are so many unknown dangers that can come up anytime before you when you lose focus even for a second. This game will keep you amazed with sudden, and unknown twists and elements that may make the situation more difficult for you to you to become the ultimate mafia king.


Theft Master - Unexpected Twists


7. Excellent visual experience and captivating graphics: Another reason why this game will you an addict, the graphics, and animations. Theft master game not only offers a whole lot of suspense, thrill and excitement but it also makes sure that the gaming interface should amaze you with the flawless animation and its visual experience.

8. Numerous achievements to earn: What fun is there when you don't win an amazing reward for your smart moves and tactical turns. There is a lot to be won in theft master other than only artifacts from the world-renowned museum. There are various rewards, bonuses, and powerups which will give you the superpower to plot your robbery effortlessly and become the most powerful robber.


Theft Master - Tons of Valuables


9. Winning a title that rocks everyone: Complete the tasks, steal all that you can, & achieve the most desirable title – The Theft Master. It is glamorous in its own way, all the people in world fears you and you have the power and the money that actually counts.

10. Challenging modes that will take you to the most adventurous journey ever:

Normal: Steal the precious antiques from the museums! Stay focused towards achieving your goal and move ahead to steal them while at the same time save yourself from the obstacles.

Challenger: Don't make a strategy just to get down there, but you have to come out as well. Be careful, the obstacles will be getting more complex, implement your tactics and get away before you are caught!

Survival: Now there is a twist, Don't forget the time is running out! Sneak out of the museum with the stolen artifact before the siren goes off! Beware of the Laser Balls, You don't want to be fried like a chicken, do you?


Theft Master - Survival


Get ready for the ultimate challenge and use your powers to overcome the dangerous maze ahead of you. Now don't think twice and experience the fun for yourself. The thrilling game of Theft Master puts the dark, ruthless and intriguing world of crime at your fingertips.

How to use the App:

1. How to download the app?

Theft master is a truly legendary game which will give the precise feeling of an underworld leader, this thrilling, exciting game is a must-have for all adventure game lovers. You can download this game for free from the google play store from

2. How to play the game?

Except for the fact that the game needs a lot of strategies and planning which might get a lot difficult at times, this game is actually pretty simple to play. You can take a tutorial to learn how to play theft master game. Click on the tutorial option from the main menu to take a tutorial of this game.


Theft Master - Avoid Lasers


3. How to change the mode?

You can toggle between Normal/Challenger/Survival mode easily in your game. To change the mode, go back to the game menu and from levels, choose the mode you would like to play in. The progress of each mode is automatically saved when you change the mode.


Theft Master - Change Mode


4. How to skip a level?

Find a level too hard to finish? No problem, simply skip the level that you don't like, you are the boss of the game, you get to choose what you want to steal or not. SImply use the star booster in the level that you want to skip and move on to the next level easily.

5. How to view my collected artifacts?

Your treasure which you stole by putting your life at stake is completely safe and locked in your vault, which only you can access anytime. To check your collectibles, click on the vault option which appears on your screen every time either when you finish a level or when you start the game.


Theft Master - Valuables Collected


6. How to get the bonus and powerups?

The best thing about this game is you don't have to purchase and but any powerup or boosters like other games, you can simply steal all the powerups just like the precious items you do in the game. The boosters and powerups are somewhere hidden in these levels which you have to find out by keep playing and exploring more.


Theft Master - Bonus & Powerups


7. How to turn off/on touch vibrations and sound?

You can easily change the SFX settings in theft master game. Click on SFX from the main menu and the change the settings as per your wish.


Theft Master - Vibrations & Sound



8. Where to get more such fun app?

We have made a whole range of such fun-filled and amazing games which will definitely keep you wanting for more, we have a full range of health, fitness, utility and gaming apps, each one specially handpicked just for you. Click on more apps in the theft master game app to find out more.



Theft Master is a light-hearted, harmless crime game where you have to strategically plan and plot a robbery in a very secure museum. Use your analytical, escaping, planning and stealing skills to escape with the world's most expensive articles. Overcome all the hurdles and difficulties in this game when you are on your way to becoming ultimate mafia of the underworld and a THEFT MASTER. 

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