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Jack, all he knows is jumping. So make best use of his ability to jump, and score more!! This highly addictive game will make you busy all the time. All you need to do is keep him moving and jumping, while collecting carrots, power ups to increase the score. If your performance decreases you will face the wrath of this Bunny. You can make any of your image as the background of this game. You can even make him look like friend of yours simply by cropping your friend's photo and put it as Jack's face!! All these variations make this game even more addictive and wish-it-never-ends sort of game.


- See how high up you can get Bunny by bouncing from ledge to ledge

- Put a smile or unleash the Bunny's wrath based on your performance.

- Tilt on Left or Right for the movement of Bunny.

- Click on your Office Buildings, House and any other scenarios and make those as back ground

- Take your friends, Family, pets picture and crop their faces and use them as Jack Character.

- Collect as much as the carrots while jumping and buy special items to reach the goal easily.

- Grab the power ups and carrots to purchase upgrades.

- Avoid obstacles and Catch the bonuses for best scores.


This Game App is not available/supported anymore.
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