Wow top 10- Best Free Run Games

When your legs can’t run anymore, run with the game that makes you a compulsive gamer with a bit of obsession and social isolation. Because at some point, you have to stop, turn around and encounter whoever wants you dead. 
Running Games are the most addictive style of games because of the unique power-ups and a progressive difficulty level that increases with the score. Sprint through the most thrilling phases of the free online arcade games available till date. Google Play Store is chock full of games but if you are looking for a running game for kids. Presenting the wow top 10 free online run games. 

#1.Free Run - Its New York

Free Run Its New York


Free Run is an amazing parkour game with amazing 3D graphics and sound effects. The game-play is so smooth and realistic that you’ll get addicted to it. It’s a fun-filled free run game with a lot of thrill, perilous traps and reflex testing situations. You can perform professional acrobatic maneuvers in this game. It’s an endless entertainment source, just run and perform cool parkour tricks.

You can download Free Run App on google play store.

Stunning visuals with 3D graphics and a smooth game-play makes it one of the best parkour games on play store. The player possesses multiple moves for dodging the obstacles during his run in new york city.

#2.Parkour Simulator 3D

Parkour simulator 3d is yet another parkour game with mind-blowing flips, jumps, somersaults and other acrobatic skills. Run your way over the rooftops, narrow alleys and live off the edge in this city where danger is around every corner. Be a part of this thrilling run and just don’t stop!

This game has high definition graphics that are sure to make you addicted to it. It has two interesting modes to ensure that you never get bored of playing the same levels over and over again. IT has amazing moves and best background music for more fun.

#3.RunBot - Endless Running Game:

Run Bot is one of the most popular parkour games because of a sci-fi plot. The game involves futuristic robots with amazing acrobatic skills and highly advanced weapons. The race is On! Don’t let anyone beat you. Get amazing power-ups and weapons while you run to win. The robots can be completely customized by the user and the overall game-play is highly addictive.

Customizable robots and multiple skins to choose from make this game interesting. The graphics are incredible and the sound effects are amazing. The camera angles can be changed to the first-person view for a more realistic touch. The weaponry can also be customized in this game, it is the combination of both action and adventure as well. It can be played both online and offline.

#4.VR Heights:

It’s a complete 360-degree parkour experience as you can put on your VR glasses and this game will give you the most realistic gaming feels. It has amazing 3D high definition graphics and ultimate sound effects that are sure to rob your heart. Perform the most amazing parkour moves as you run through the virtual world of VR heights.

The VR compatibility gives a 360-degree gaming experience, with HD graphics and amazing sound effects this game is a must-have. Now you can experience running miles through woods, city alleys and grounds while sitting on your favorite couch from the comfort of your home. It has 15 stages and 30 targets. This game is progressively challenging as it gets tougher as you score.

#5.Run Fast Run!

It’s a first-person view game with mind-blowing graphics and sound effects. The story revolves around a former athlete who is sitting in a diner and having soup, suddenly he sees a serial killer from the newspaper headlines. He must run for his life before this cold-blooded killer gets his hands on our hero.

Amazing first person view for a realistic gaming experience. There are 60 challenging missions in total. The player is skilled in sprints, jumps and amazing parkour moves like flips, slides, and somersaults. This game has amazing 3D graphics and sound effects.

#6.Vector 2

This is a story of a cyborg experiment who must escape the research facility before the system terminates him. Equip yourself with modern experimental high-tech gear that will tear the enemies apart. The cyborg is capable of performing pretty impressive stunts and acrobatic maneuvers which are greatly helpful in dodging the enemies as well as the obstacles in the way.  

Cool parkour and combat skills make this game very interesting and addictive. There are 50 different missions to complete and the weapons can be upgraded accordingly. This game has an extreme level of graphics detail and stunning sound effects.

#7.Fun Run 2 :

It’s a cool multiplayer game where you are supposed to outrun your friends and random players from around the world. This game includes cute creature from the jungle that is running to win the race. You can kill your enemies, electrocute them & you can even teleport yourself in this cool game. It has more than 20 different levels and it also allows you to create clans.

This game has 20 exciting levels, and many other mini-missions to complete. The power-ups are unique and make the game even more fun to play. You can slash your enemies with blades, electrocute them and you can even teleport from one place to the other.

#8.Jungle Monkey Run:

Our hero Kong is on the run to save his life on this remote island from sharks, crabs, octopuses and eagles. Kong is capable of jumping, sprinting, gliding and other cool moves. It has 30 levels with 60 targets. Kong can learn new moves and upgrade himself for new dangers while on the run.

You get access to 4 abilities that can be unlocked after some missions and score thresholds. There are 30 adventurous levels in total. Kong has some great abilities like high jumps, gliding, sprinting, etc. The interface is simple and smooth with great graphics & sound effects for an amazing gaming experience.

#9.Agent Dash

Agent Dash is an elite agent of MI6, the British intelligence agency. He must escape from the deadly lair of this evil doctor who plans to take over the world. Agent dash would do anything to save the day and save the honor of queen and the country. Agent Dash is highly skilled in acrobatic maneuvers and is equipped with cool gadgets.

The hero is equipped with amazing gadgets like jet-pack, cloaks, shields and other weapons. This game has highly adventurous missions and cool acrobatics & combat moves by super agent dash. The graphics are awesome and the sound effects are thrilling.

#10.Bus Rush

Our hero surfer is surfing throughout the city on his hover-board, collecting coins. But, beware of the buses and other vehicles in the traffic and office rush. Dodge them to live and score higher. There are various power-ups like magnets which tend to attract all the coins, jet-packs which give you a short-termed flight, etc. Stay alive and avoid being ran-over by trucks, buses and trains. 

The game contains awesome power-ups like the jet-pack, pogo stick & magnet boots which boost up the score for a small time frame. It contains 4 locations: City, Subway, Forest & beach, with 4 different characters to choose from.

Free Run is the best run game app which can be instantly downloaded from the Google Play Store using smartphones to get the best of fun and enthralling experiences of the fascinating game modes. Free Run is an ultimate gaming app for all those who like challenges and enjoy the exceptional levels of thrill. 

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