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Lucky you, you’ve stumbled upon the Best Hidden Object Game ever! No sarcasm here we promise. You are in for a real TREAT!

Unfold a new hidden object adventure with this Amazingly interesting game designed especially for your Android Smartphone. We have taken the classic Hide and Seek games to a new level by adding so many levels which are more challenging than another, adorable characters and objects which are to be falling for and they are hidden so nicely that you will sweat it out to find them. A game like Hide & Seek can never get old at least for all adventure lovers who love to discover new things and are ready take up all the challenges, this Hide and Seek game will make you go crazy to find the hidden objects, discover them and unlock new levels. It just gets really difficult as you move ahead and it gets even more interesting as there is a lot to win in this addicting game.


Hide and Seek - Splash


Hide & Seek is a free game in which, you will dip into the fascinating journey where you have to find all the hidden objects in the given time! Team Up because we bet it is not so easy to play this game alone, we bet it will be extremely difficult to find the perfectly hidden objects and our signature characters that will make you fall in love with them to be discovered each and every time by you. This exciting game will take you on a journey of play and discover as you move ahead and find that there's a lot to find in this game and playing along with your friends will make it altogether different experience.


Hide and Seek - Vivid Graphics


Shut off the outside world, and get ready for an escape into a puzzle treat that is easy-to-grasp yet compellingly deep. Hide & Seek is such an amazing game that you won't even know when the hours will just pass by. Searching for hidden objects is more immersive than ever! Can you find all of the hidden objects? You must investigate the area and carefully search for the items like a detective. You have to look for things that seem invisible! They may be concealed, covered or in some cryptic mystic places but it is up to you that how well you can find all the perfectly hidden objects, things are going to get even more difficult when you have bigger and more secret things to discover, which no one has ever been able to find out.


Full Features of the App -  Hide & Seek Game

1. 4 beautifully designed unique modes: To make this game more interactive and a visual treat we have handcrafted 4 different modes to keep you addicted to the amazing and great graphics in different themes. There are 4 different and unique themes to try out in the Hide & Seek game:

- Modern Living

- Halloween

- Pirates

- Seasons


Hide and Seek - Modes


2. More than 100 challenging levels: You won't be able to resist yourself from hitting the next level once you start playing this best ever classic Hide and Seek game so that's why we have made more than 100 unique and fun-filled level that will keep you asking for more and to give you the perfect dose of a challenging and addicting game.


Hide and Seek - Levels


3. Over hundreds of hidden objects to search and find: Each and every level offers you the unique objects to find out which are secretly hidden in scattered objects. This is going to be a tough task to find out so many different things in one game where you have to be fast and active as the time is going to be up soon.


Hide and Seek - Hint


4. Colorful art with amazingly realistic graphics: It is not like a normal Hide and Seek game, it is a bit more than that, this game is nothing less than a visual treat and mind-blowing graphics. Hide and Seek game is nothing but a piece of art which will swoon you with its artistic perfection and colorful retreat.


Hide and Seek - Colorful Art


5. Enjoy endless hours of unlimited fun: With so many addictive levels and so much to discover you have now the perfect way to fill up your free time with something worth and something that really made you scratch your head with its challenges bound in time or it is game over for you. Play once to know why people are addicted to this game.


Hide and Seek - Master Levels


6. A fast and bug-free gaming experience: Hide and Seek is made by hours of long work to drive out any possible obstruction that might ruin your gaming experience. It's seamless, fast, the smooth debug-free experience is something which makes it stands apart from other usual Hide and Seek games.

7. Compact and light-weight App: This game is completely upgraded to newer modern version and it doesn't even hurt your phone's memory much as it extremely light-weight as compared to other challenging game. Don't worry about the size and everything, we have got it covered, you just keep playing.


Hide and Seek - Compact and Light


8. Suitable for all ages: Hide and Seek is a classic game which has always been popular among adults and kids both, to bring such a lost game back into the legacy of trending games. This game is completely upgraded to newer modern version and it doesn't even hurt your phone's memory much as it extremely light-weight as compared to other challenging game.

9. Powerups and Rewards for extra fun: Not only too many secret and fun objects to find and win, there are many boosters and powerups which will make this game even more fun and exciting for you. Find the boosters hidden and lying around in the game to increase your chance to win better and win more.


Hide and Seek - Colorful Graphics


10. A perfect game to play with friends and family: We don't get to spend too much time to spend it with our friends anymore, we are too busy in our phones to include our friends, so why not include them in our phones? Hide and Seek is one such game where you will need them to help you win the game. It is strictly together time with Hide and Seek game.


Hide and Seek - Find it Fun


How to use the App

1. What am I supposed to find in the Hide and Seek game?

Your aim is to find the objects or items on the screen you are provided. Check the number of items and their quantity you are supposed to find at the top of each level, find the items carefully in the given time to win the game.


Hide and Seek - Help


2. How to get extra time in Hide & Seek game?

Hide and Seek is a time-bounded game and you have to find all the things in the given time very quickly and for every wrong selection, you lose 5 precious seconds of your time. To get more time to find the objects, you can collect the watches hidden in the game to get bonus time.


Hide and Seek - Get Extra Time


3. How to unlock the themes?

You can unlock the themes only after you have completed all the levels of the previous theme. So be quick and fast to win all the levels in this amazingly addicting game to try out our best ever themes in this game.


Hide and Seek - Unlock Themes


4. How to find the objects in Hide and Seek game?

To find the given target carefully slide across the screen to find the hidden articles, they may be hidden behind any other thing or they may be concealed, merged in other objects, keep an eagle's eye to discover all the objects in the game.


Hide and Seek - Find Objects


5. How to turn off the music and vibration?

To turn on/off the music, go the main menu, click on the settings button. You can choose to set the sound settings as per your desire from the menu. Save the settings before exiting and your music and vibration preferences will be saved from there.

6. How to find more fun games like Hide and Seek?


Hide and Seek - More Fun Games


We have lots of fun and addicting games for you that you would love to try and they will for sure captivate you. You can find such more games at It is our passion to keep creating more entertaining and informative apps and games to meet all your modern day digital demands.


7. How to share Hide and Seek with others?

We will be grateful if you share your heartfelt and fun experience of playing Hide and Seek game with your friends and family, it took us a lot of hard work to create a unique gaming experience for you. To share this game, simply click on the share icon from the menu and spread the word about it everywhere.

8. Can I play Hide and Seek game on iPhone?

Yes, our most wanted Hide and Seek game is also available on iPhone also. You can enjoy your favorite game on any phone, we have made sure that fun must never stop ever because of phones.



This exciting free Hidden Object game is sure to be the best game you will ever play hands down! It is way better than the average ones you have been playing till now! This game is the perfect thing to pass your time with! A fun-haven, that is perfect for both kids and adults. A friendly user interface offers a spectacular gaming experience. Hide & Seek is the most fun puzzle you will get on your Android mobile phones. Relive the fun of the classic Hide and Seek game with a whole new twist of new characters, new styles and much more right there in your phone.

Forget all the point and click adventures & dive right into the mysterious world of Hidden Objects with Hide & Seek! Want some more useful Gaming Apps? Try One Touch for your Android/Apple phone now.


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