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Mevolife is a free app designed with keeping in mind all your fitness goals and aims for a holistic approach towards health and fitness which will get you moving at any cost. Mevolife makes sure that you too become a fitness freak just like us with our diet plans and recipes, calorie and running tracker which will give you the precise information about your fitness and workout activities to track your workout.

Your Ultimate source of all Workout plans includes body weight workouts, machine workouts & mixed workouts. Set your Workout plan by days, Fitness & Bodybuilding Video App is your personal instructor for Training your muscle groups as Chest, Shoulders, Back, Biceps, Forearms, Triceps, Legs, Abdominal, Calf Muscles, and much more. Download this App from Google Play Store.

Want healthy? Recipes? Mexican Recipes? Indian Recipes? Chinese Recipes? Southern Recipes? Asian Recipes? with Healthy Food Recipes For Weight Loss Free
Download the Free Healthy Food Recipes For Weight loss.
Let's Start Cooking with -
* The Large Database of  1000+ Healthy Food Recipes.
* Unlimited offline access to all Healthy Recipes.
* Share all Healthy recipes with your friends & family.
* Detailed nutritional information of all Recipes.

Sports Videos

Super Sports is a collection of great clips of all the top ten sports of the world covering each sports genre like action games, funny videos, soccer, cricket, football, super bowl etc. with best players & hot stars of sports and games around the world with Top Sports clips. Share top funny, inspiring, top moment, epic moments and other video clips of your favorite sport with your friends.

Apps Locker & Gallery Hider

You don't have to worry about any friend or family member breaking into your phone and find your all secret chats, apps, and gallery stuff. Apps Lock and Gallery Hider is an all in one security app for your phone. Protect all your personal and private chats with a dual pin and password lock system with intruder attack alarm and encrypt all your images and video which can't be accessed by anyone except you.

Photo Magix

Photo Magix is a great photo editing and camera app. Add beautiful effects with amazing clip arts, filters, and themes like a pro with more than 50 layouts. Dazzle everyone with amazing profile pictures and beautified selfies with magix cam. Create a collage, add borders & frames, create greetings easily by directly accessing pictures from FB, Picassa or Flickr.

Phone Booster

Boost up the battery life of your phone with Battery Saver and Phone Cleaner App. Save money on data costs by restricting data and wifi usage on your phone by customizing apps. Optimize your phone's RAM to achieve maximum performance and battery life from your phone. Enjoy various benefits like auto configuration, personalization, battery meter and bright torch in the app.

One Touch

Love Challenges? In One Touch, we challenge you to play this tricky, challenging game and draw the given images and patterns in one touch, the moment you lift your finger, GAME OVER. Enjoy 600 unique and addictive levels with mind baffling tasks in 6 different modes. It will prickle your mind, drive you crazy with addictive difficult levels with timer and amazing graphics.


Mevolife is a great platform for best workout routine, fitness, exercise and weight loss. Start your weight loss journey with our various nutritious and healthy diet recipes, calorie trackers and step by step exercise plans. Stand a chance to win exciting merchandise by following every exercise plan on time on our app. Find discussions on latest fitness and health trends.


Looking for healthy Recipes? Find Healthy Recipes including easy Healthy Recipes , Healthy Chicken Recipes, And more Healthy meals, Snacks, and Healthy Dinners Ideas with HealthyRecipes.org
Over Healthy Recipes Database Covers everything from diabetic Meals, to vegan, to low carb, to low fat & more!
Visit our Website for a Healthy Information.


The Great collection of Fitness Articles, Exercises, Workouts, supplements information, & Videos from the industry's best experts to help in achieving Weight loss & Fitness Goals within your time limit. The Content on our Website is for an informational and educational purpose only. Visit our Website! to look great & feel great.


Explore the world of fitness starting from physical health and fitness, gym workout, cardio exercises, diet plans to lose or gain weight, exercise routine etc in fitness authority. The one-stop place for all the fitness related advice and workout plans ranging from easy to difficult. Find the latest health, fitness trends, tips on men's and women's fitness routines.


Body Building Workout dominates the world of bodybuilding workouts with the exercise plans for full body, chest, abs, legs, chest, weight lifting, weight training, muscle gaining etc. You can also build your dream body easily and quickly with our body transformation workouts plans for all kinds of body types. Explore the world of bodybuilding with us.


In this busy and hectic life, no one has enough time for fitness. With quick workout plans for a busy life, discover best exercise plans and free workout plans for bodybuilding and general fitness. Quick workout has a detailed collection of exercise plans, gym workouts and much more. Browse through various customized diet plans according to your need.


Easy workout is the site for the best and easy workout plans which will help you in your endeavor of a fit and healthy lifestyle. With exclusive gym workout, cardio exercises, bodybuilding plans, exercise routine, workout plans anyone can easily step into the world of fitness. Browse through various easy workout plans according to your comfort level.


As the name suggests, Absolute fitness is the ultimate destination for fitness freaks. Find best physical fitness plan, gym workout plans, fitness benefits, importance, exercise plans, cardio exercise plans, diet plans and bodybuilding tips and tricks. Discover the best exercises and fitness routines by fitness experts. Achieve your dream of healthy, fit life and perfect built body.


If you want to lose weight, get fit, get in shape, change your lifestyle or start on a low-calorie diet plan to lose weight, you'll love MevoFit.


We present the demo version of our application which will give you a sneak peak into the new revolution of App Maker for Youtube Channels.App Maker for Youtube Channels is a platform for creating your own video app. It has been exclusively developed to offer best-in-class solutions so that you get to achieve maximum visibility and let your youtube channel make money more.

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